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World Of Warships download help?

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Hello. (Kind of) new player here. Well not really new been playing since open BETA days but new here on the forum. The thing is I need some help with downloading WoWs. The internet connections here in my country (India) are significantly poor with max bandwidths of 10mbps(?) I think. But it can't be afforded by everyone (like me) since they are way too costly. The minimum which can be afforded by me is with a max bandwidth of 512kbps. Before, I used to play WoWs from a gaming cafe here where I downloaded the game and started playing and now seems like I started a trend in that cafe now that almost all of the users love playing that game now and its downloaded in every PC since when I started playing (10 pcs) [its basically a CSGO and Dota2 lan play cafe xD]. That cafe has a max bandwidth of 7mbps and I downloaded the game there in 4 days time with a combined 15 hours.

Now I have a decent enough pc for myself in my home to run WoWs in lowest settings I guess but the internet speed affordable by me is 512kbps max which is I am currently using. That cafe doesn't allows games to be taken from them (No CD/DvD drive and USB points are plugged OFF) even if one insists on paying some money for it. I am having really slow speeds in downloading WoWs at 60kbps max and thats not even constant. It drops to 8-13kbps and even lower sometimes but never jumps above 60kbps. Almost 1.5 months passed now and I have only downloaded 51% with 4-6hours of downloading everyday (Image included).

Is there any way to increase the download speeds in WoWs client? Even if to something like 150 or 200kbps? I tried both Update Seeding as "On" and "Off" but seems to give me no change whatsoever.

Help me out please if there is a way! :(

Thanks! :D

NOTE : Same post is now in General Discussions section (Should have posted there first hand. Sorry! My bad.

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Next time just use the report function and ask us to move your post and not create a new one



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