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control and view of aircraft carrier

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i felt upset and disappoint cause vehicles that i`m control changed during send commands and view mode is changing if i press shift key or other keys need for control vehicles.

for example. i selected air fighter group by press 2. and send multiple commands. but at a moment, my carrier was selected and going to middle of enemy area. or crashed to island.

or, when i drive aircraft carrier, i usually play in map screen mode, it`s helpful for manage multiple aircraft groups and situation awearness. so, i selected bomber group for attack enemy and during send commands, screen mode changed suddenly!! (holy [content removed]!)

i don`t know why WG made it works like that. and request fix it immediately. how think about that?


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Get used to it, along with the hotkeys, server lag and obstructive UI.


You can't possibly expect to monitor all your squadrons and give them effective orders from a regular 3rd-person perspective.


As for making your carrier move unintentionally, the game selects the carrier by default if the squadron you're trying to select is annihilated or nonexistent. It also selects the carrier again if it misinterpreted your button-press due to lag.


There's also the UI. Compared to regular RTS with similar camera configurations, most of the UI is nicely tucked in the edges of the screen as to not obstruct control, unfortunately, in WoWS, hovering your mouse over the nameplates will not give your squad an order, which is inconvenient when you're giving them an order that needs to be done immediately. The same could also be said for the move-markers. It's hard to assign multiple squadrons in the same area as the mouse pointer because a waypoint will appear in that place- Clicking on it will not give the move order to the currently selected squad, it will instead move the marker around if you hold left-click.


As of now, you'll have to deal with the inconvenient UI (Though this is the same reason why some people avoid playing CVs) and constantly monitor your CV's position alongside your planes'. In a pinch, you can stop the carrier from moving further by putting your gear to 'Stop' or 'Reverse' to cancel the waypoint. Considering a CV's slow acceleration, you'd only have moved a few meters from your original location.

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