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How WoWs Could Fix Fail Divisions (similar to WoTs 9.15 Patch)

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So like the title states, WoT in their new 9.15 patch that is coming out is fixing to implement a platooning system that will reward players for platooning sensibly and penalize (not prevent) players that make fail platoons. Now I feel that this is actually a decent idea and could help resolve some of the annoyance that player have when their team is sporting a fail division. Below are the patch notes on the new platoon system for WoT 9.15...


Updated rules of Platoon creation:

  • Players can join a battle in a Platoon that has any set of vehicles (regardless of their tiers).
  • Players will see a notification in which they are recommended to assemble a Platoon in which all the vehicle are of the same tier (for doing so, the players in the Platoon will receive a bonus to their experience).
  • If all the vehicles in the Platoon are of the same tier, all members of the Platoon will earn a bonus after battle (the amount of the bonus depends on the tier of vehicles in the Platoon: higher tiers mean a bigger bonus).
  • If there is a more than three-level difference between the maximum and minimum tiers of the vehicles in the Platoon, the players in such a Platoon will be penalized in experience (the amount of penalty is larger, the higher the difference in tiers).

So for a more simple example...

2 or 3 Player Platoon

Same Tier = Bonus% EXP

+/- 3 Tiers = Normal EXP

+/- 4 Tiers (or more) = Penalty% EXP


WoT 9.15 public test server at the moment is rewarding same tier platoons with a 20% exp bonus (this is of course subject to change since it is still being tested), if your platooning with someone that is +/- 3 tier you won't get earn any bonus but you also won't receive any penalty, basically your platoon will earn a normal amount of exp, and for anyone that platoons with a member that is +/- 4 or more tiers difference will cause the platoon to earn -50% exp (once again, this is in the current public test server, it is subject to change).


Now I hope that the Devs for WoWs can follow the lead of WoT on this issue, of course some things would need to change but not much.


I propose something along these levels for WoWs...

2 or 3 Player Division

Same Tier = Bonus% EXP

+/- 2 Tiers = Normal EXP

+/- 3 Tiers (or more) = Penalty% EXP


The only reason why WoT set their normal exp platoons to +/- 3 tiers is due to light tanks being able to run into +/- 3 tier tanks even in random matches, and since WoWs does not have any ships that see other ships beyond +/-2 tiers there shouldn't be a need for it in WoWs. As for the amount of the bonus and penalty %, I believe that could be changed a bit, but I do believe this would be a good guide line for WoWs to start from.


Leave a comment and share how you feel about this idea. Do you like it? Do you not like it? Maybe you have a better idea. Please share.




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