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Camouflage error

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I didn't check on other ships, but noticed this when planning to buy the premium camouflage for Hipper


camouflage 5 seemed like doesn't reduce the detectability as it intended to be

picture 1 small.jpg

picture 2 small.jpg


thank you


ps: I'm very noob in uploading the screen shot. sorry if it's too small


Edit: I'm sorry, I realised that it's due to stack on effect;


the basic detection range is 12.8km. I had mounted the camouflage 5, and it reduced to 12.4km. when i clicked on the premium camouflage or type 1 camouflage, the reduction of detaction range are stacked up, thus giving the value of 12.0km. after I removed my camouflage 5, i realised the stacking effect is gone.


conclusion is there is nothing wrong with camouflage 5, just that the value it showed was misleading when clicked on another type of camouflage while the ship has already one camouflage painted.

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This happens to all ships from 0.5.5.



1. Have a camouflage that affects detection range.

2. Turn on auto resupply for camouflage.

3. Go play a game and come back, check your detection range.


The -3% detection is applied properly in game, thus it does not affect game play in anyway.

Its just not calculated properly in dock.

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