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Suggestion about US carrier

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The update 5.5patch came and the game is becoming more interesting. The weather, improved ballistic and sinking ship visual effect is really good. Somehow the balance problem between US and IJN cv still not fixed , the winrate of UScv got hammered in the last few patches(in most servers) and AA consumable wont change the trend. 

The core problem of US cv is the flight control. US got six planes in one squardon while IJN got four and so IJN simply get more squardons. WG thought its the feature of different CV line and the fact is that such feature ruin the balance.IJN cv have better flight control and choose the rule of engagement.With more squardons IJN cv benfit alot from the Airsurpercy captain skill. IJN cv player can use cross drop tropedo to hunt DD effectively ,their divebombers can do recon job well without affecting the attack ability too much,the fighters can be sacrificed to protect the attack planes when it is needed and can use BZ to interrupt US attack waves. One experienced IJN cv player can always take the initiative even if the opposite US cv player is also experienced.

The best soultion is to divide US fighter squardon and torp bomber suqrdon into two, which means each US fighter squard and torp squard will have 3 planes instead of 6 while no change to the divebomber. The prieum ship Saipan shows small squard can be funny and workable. WG can give an option to let players to decide whether to divide the squardon so in this way fresh players can still handle the carrier ship while experienced players can show their skills of micro control. If such change is made, the flight control of low tier US cv need rework to ensure the balance(such as langely).OR such change can only be applied to medium and high tier US cv such as Ranger,LEX,ESSEX and Midway.

There are many ways to do balance work between IJN and US cv but I think giving US cv more squardons is the best soultion and will be accepted by most CV players (maybe not those players who only play IJN cv).Players pay same time to research one techline(US cv players may pay more), the way that US cv suitable for fresh players and IJN cv suitable for high level players cant be accepted.

Sorry for my poor eng.

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I agree with splitting the squads for both FP and TB squadrons... as a different flight control mod or something... Also, the strike mod for US CV is very underwhelming because there are no FPs to protect the bombers and it is like a hell mode for CV player.. and if we go easy mode using Air Superiority mod, we get very little experience just hunting bombers, scouting and limited to dive bombing with low damage.

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