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A incredibad's bit on range

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Just an incredibad roving by and giving rhetorical and already known info.


I'm not sorry for the tl;dr.



Now as you know, gunnery in this game is all about leading the target, as that is your prerogative to learn, I won't meddle in that because I have no right to, though what I'd just throw in here should is the range you might find useful, rook or not. Well, there are mods somewhere out there that emulate what I'm going to throw in though.


For the standard norm, the surface ships excluding the carrier have maximum ranges set by their fire controls and even destroyers are not exempt in this as their most offensive armament, the torpedoes, have a limited range. Just because you see the target being locked on within the borders your circle in the minimap doesn't mean you can have a good chance of dealing severe damage at them or even a torpedo aim locking at a ship far away without taking into account of their range doesn't warrant a hit but simply an insane attempt to assume torpedoes have that range. Not only would you have a moderate chance to hitting your allies with those errant torpedoes, you would fruitlessly fail without result with the torpedoes not even reaching the intended target. Normally, your range is shown at the minimap as a white circle and you would notice when a ship comes within the circle it is available to be locked on as a target for your guns just by simply 'looking' at the enemy ship, but guesstimating how far you can have a chance to be effective is another thing.


1smy6r.jpgThis screenshot is taken from Public Test iteration 2.


If anything, think of your range limits as this:


  • extreme
  • maximum
  • effective
  • warning
  • close


As I would look at these ranges if I would handle my own Iowa someday (note that this is on my preferences, you should discover your own in this matter):


  • extreme ( 28-32km)
  • maximum (23.6km-ish)
  • effective (13-18km)
  • warning (7-10km)
  • close (<6km)


Extreme range means that you needed a crutch to boost it to that level. Only the battleships and cruisers that can mount a spotting plane in their slingshots can reach extreme ranges but how effective they are, that's another thing entirely and up to player discretion. For example, the Iowa battleship in the screenshot has a maximum range of about 23.6km, however, launching her spotting aircraft means she reaches about 28km and you can practically shoot targets at this range but mind the shell travel time and the dispersion that goes with it for the further the range is, the higher dispersion becomes. Generally, it is not really advised to do such a thing if you are not yet adjusted to the ship's gun ergonomics but if you are confident, then by all means, be my guest, however most shots at this range tend to bracket, if not straddle. In the screenshot above, I had used my spotting aircraft to attempt to pierce the deck of the Yamato I have been shooting and, as evident in the screenshot, had attempted to close the gap with moments before the storm slammed in the map.


Maximum range is your ship's default gun reach as dictated by the fire control. If it is available, a ship can mount a range increase module to bolster the reach but on some ships, this is more of a detriment than a blessing. Normally, any ship at the line of your range circle is engaging at maximum range and usually it fails do deal very significant damage apart from a few grazes there and then or if you're lucky, a citadel hit provided the target did not even change direction but you should not be hasty in firing at a target just because it got in range that you can target it and unload, it would still have a fair chance of getting away or your shots merely straddling the enemy ship and it would return fire if it too has you within its firing radius. However, this line of thought is only for the "first strike" types as normally you would need to get into ideal range in order to unload and deal substantial damage in your first salvo that reveals yourself. A destroyer with its guns is exempt of this as a well kitted destroyer can fire at maximum range several times without revealing itself, practically "invisi-firing" continuously but with its torpedoes it is not because at the torpedo's maximum range, there is a chance that the torpedo runs out of propulsion and stops several meters just close to the enemy ship. Battleship 'sniping', however, is highly frowned upon.


Effective range is how far you are still potent to deal damage in a sense from a range and closer. Technically, you are effective at any range but what I mean by "effective" in this case, I mean that you can smash ships at a range that you can do so. Example is the screenshot above; as was previously mentioned, the Iowa has a 23km-ish range but the chance of shells connecting to the enemy drastically increases as you get close. For me, I feel that Iowa's effective range is at 13km to 18km where most rounds can connect and deal damage but this concept of "effective range" may differ to anyone. For example, the tier 6 cruiser Aoba has a 14.9km range but people can bead targets at 12.3km with her or even 13km if they know how to bead enough. Torpedoes, on the other hand, are a different story as their effective range should be lower than their maximum range. An example of this would be the tier 5 destroyer Minekaze's torpedoes, while their maximum range is at 7km, their effective range in practice is 6.2 or somewhere along that line, depending on the player's preference. However, this concept does NOT justify those battleship players being gutless cowards who do not utilize their massive health pools to sustain damage because they're "shooting at their effective range".


The "Warning" range is when you have crossed the 10km range and is moving closer. Anything, gunnery or torpedo, at this range requires more attention as its practically a melee for bigger ships like cruisers or battleships as they are more susceptible to torpedo strikes or if the player who doesn't pay attention would face, massive damage from either citadel or normal penetration or even both. Being in this range means you need to be alert as treachery comes from any range and you must be prepared to react.


The Close range... well it technically isn't for the politically correct, is the most dangerous aspect you are in and where, if you are ever swarmed and is not agile enough to worm one's way out at anything below 6km, absolutely need to get out from because at this range, everything is is incredibly dangerous where even the humble AP shell of the destroyer's guns can punch through the thin belt armor of ships and a torpedo spread is instant death should you have been presenting your side to bring your guns to bear. Only the brave and those hellbent to sink get into this range to assure that you sink tend to be here as this range is basically suicidal if you know not what you do. This range is summarized in these words: "this is an awful range for guns but perfect for the torpedoes".


I hope this bit, rhetoric and repetitive it might be, helps.


derp.exe -help has stopped working.


EDIT: mod request for title change to "An incredibad's bit on range" as someone already has taken the 'terribad' title


Title changed at OP request.


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well dont give it away! i love seeing scrubs sniping at max range while i decimate the rest of their team:trollface:


anyways, since evyl has been so kind as to give the secret away on the theory of how to shoot, i'll give my two cents in on "how to shoot a gun and not get killed for the practical man", since i'm such a nice guy(not really)


so first up is range


BB's effective range is 10-16KM, any closer and you will be risking your hide to torps and HE spam(not to mention even CAs can citadel you from that range), and it will be hard to turn to get away. any further, dispersion is going to ruin your day


IJN/SVN CA's effective range is 9-11km for AP and 12+ for HE, it's not too advisable to get too close (less then 10KM) to other ships if you are spotted unless you arnt seen by then (IJN CAs can have 9.3 detection range), but if you do, feel free to unload a volley of AP(must load AP if firing undetected from that range) at their BROADSIDE if they dont show it, wait until they do, you be able to take out 10k+ in a single volly

(use HE to torch until you have got a hang of the game)


SVN DDs should stay at 9-14km from any ship it's torching, never get too close because you'll get hammered to death, and never use your torps as your first means of attack

(use speed and weaving patterns to throw off the opponent's aim)


USN DDs can ninja fire HE and burn shit at 10+km(but you cant hit a battleship sitting still from that range) or use AP and hit citaldels to CA/CLs from less then 6KM(not adviceable unless the said CA/CL is low on HP, like less then 15000 HP, or you'll probably  be the one who dies first)

(USN DD's effective gun range is about 7km, combined with it's fast ROF and good stealth, you should play thses ships as a IJN DD hunter and capper, at T8+ you can also spam torps just as well as IJN DDs)


KM CAs should stay with the BB line and take potshots at anyone fool enough to show his sides, those AP shells can penn a BB but wont even work against a CL that's angled, so take your time and wait for the right target, you can get up close and brawl as well but if the guy knows how to angle, you can only rely on your 6km torps, and that's only if you survive long enough to get in 6km (what, you think the guy you are rushing has no teammates?):P


USN CA have quite a unique play style, they mostly play the part of support with AA or use radar to flush out DDs, they are team players and their range will depend on the position of the BB line, they have really powerful AP(but shit shell arcs) and meh HE(even more shitty arcs), and their armor is one of the best for CAs, but if you do end up one on one with another CA, point your bow(#riot shield) at them and wait for them to make a mistake



now we come to angling


so this should be easier to under stand then the wall of word above,


(just to make it clear, angling is showing a smaller figure by point your bow towards your enemy so they have a smaller profile to shoot at)

in the order, BB>KM CA>SV CA>USN CA, prioritize and angle your ship towards them, especially if they are beading you down, show your bow and calculate the time that it takes for them to reload, and use that space while they are reload to take potshots. when you angle, AP shells will have a much harder time penning your citadel and screwing you life over (unless RNGesus decides to say no and make you blow up anyways) and most of their shots will just sail over your head and land around you:B


finally, there's TEAMWORK


YES, I HAVE GOT TO BLOODY PUT TEAMWORK HERE. one on one, a CA/CL will almost have no chance of standing up against a BB, but 2+CAs V.S 1 BB= 1 roasted BB going down to davy jone's locker, i wont go into the details because of how damn hard it is to explain, but please for the love of god go find some videos on youtube or watch streamers to figure out how to teamplay:angry:


hope this helps:teethhappy:

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