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Arp Kirishima Awarded early ?

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My Partner originally played on the NA server , i convinced her to start a SEA account. as she wanted to win some ARP ships and all the other good stuff too.

so on Thursday she made it to lvl10 and the current ARP missions became available, So currently she has 809/2000 for the second stage of the mission to win the Kirishima. I gifted her a Murmansk to level up quickly and to be able to be competitive in the mission.


Anyway today she logs in and Kirishima is in Port with criteria not met and she's a bit miffed that hasn't earned it 


any explanations ?


thank you

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Wait what? So your friend did the newcomer campaign and got the rewards? WTF?? I did that like a whole 2 weeks ago and I haven't gotten anything...  :(

Ahehehe, i just logged into WoWS.. Looks like they fixed the bug with the newcomers receiving their rewards  :teethhappy:

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