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KRI Irian, Sverdlov class cruiser

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I'm writing this while waiting my public test client to patch...

Data that i will write down here is based on a book "Kulepas engkau di dermaga" ISBN 978-979-056-151-9.

The book based on notes from a young officer Edi Wahyono, Letkol Laut KH (purn.) Nrp 1679/p, his last rank was senior captain on board during 1962 until 1968.



Armor belt 100mm

Turret armor 175mm


4 x 3, 152mm type 57 cal B-38 Range 35km

6 x 2, 100mm SM-5-I


6 x 2, 100mm SM-5-I

12 x 2,  type 56 cal model 1934 (gun caliber isn't provided)

32,  37mm cannon (turret configuration, and type aren't provided)

4 x 3,  20mm Mk.5 bis


2 x 5,  533mm anti submarine torpedo


AA radar Gyus-2

Surface radar Ryf

Navigation Neptune

Sonar Tamir-5N


about 65km/ hr

able to rotate a complete circle without the need to move forward



The ship was named Ordzhonikidze, bought from USSR, arrived at Ujung Pangkalan port at Surabaya at 5 August 1962.

Immediately after arrived at Indonesian waters, the ship renamed to KRI Irian by president Soekarno.

The ship was purposely bought to defend Irian barat (western papua) from Netherlands, and tasked to search and destroy HNLMS Karel Doorman. The transfer and crew training was done at Vladivostok, the ship passed Japan, and harbored at Philippine once before entered Indonesia.

During the conflict, the ship didn't involved to any notable event. As probably HNLMS Karel Doorman or any Netherlands force have already fled or stayed away from any threats. The final fate of the ship are ambiguous, some said it was scrapped at Japan. Or transferred back to USSR. But from Letkol Edi's testimony, the ship was scrapped at Surabaya 1970.



Once during service, the ship returned to Vladivostok for minor interior and machinery repair.

The crew modified a clothing room to praying room, potato room, kitchen to accomodate rice and Indonesian food.

The ship was air conditioned but the power was reserved to cool down the ammunition room instead.

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