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USS North Carolina (BB-55)

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Because we need bottlesheeps. No exceptions. Gonna try reverting back on how to badpost just to get a feel.




s4oxg9.jpgThe first design philosophy change on how the US Navy was to battleship... and it is glorious.


Ever since the Washington Naval Treaty was in full effect, it was actually quite hard to battleship since there were restrictions made and surviving capital ships were simply refurbished. Now the battlecruiser wasn't really a full spec battleship if you go that far; it hits like one but it cant take a beating like one because it is not Derfflinger which soaked 15 inch rounds during Jutland a battlecruiser's armor was meant to laugh at cruiser guns, not large caliber battleship guns. However, it was, by all means and crazies, the first iteration of a post-dreadnought ship that was fast and had good guns that were still good enough against other battleships or their colleagues. This also came into eyeballing the Kongos which were being retrofitted and reformatted into battleship tier so they decided to plan ahead. The Lexington battlecruiser, which by the way had feasibility studies had she been built as-is instead of being converted to a flat top during reformatting and refitting, was already a carrier at that time and they wanted a new battleship that could still be in acceptable bounds at the same time overmatch their similar enemies.. and all this while fitting the Panama Canal. Building a dreadnought is a giant out as the WNT was to prevent making an arms race out of dread building so it was decided to go on a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type of thought in order to keep in line: sacrifice armor for speed or sacrifice speed for armor. You can guess where this happened.



"Yo dawg, I heard you wont limit your guns and retrofitting, especially on the Kongos, so we studied and combined a dreadnought and a battlecruiser so we can battleship while we battleship."


The result: the final iteration of North Carolina and by looking at her silhouette alone, she was... actually sleek and beautiful for a post-dread battleship. No more would the pudgy well protected appearance of the Big Five standard type dreads were to be the norm in how to battleship but the sleek battleship that began a new thought just came out of the drydock. She got so much attention during her launch (note: shipbuilders make sure the hull is okay by throwing it into the water first. You don't make the entire battleship THEN throw it into the water to see if it floats) like a movie star crowded by reporters and being asked about the latest scandal in her love life that she was nicknamed "The Showboat" due to the crowd that went. We now have an attention loving girl a treaty battleship.





How to battleship in WW2 by silhouette. Yes, South Dakota was shorter but she had GLORIOUS 18 INCH RELATIVE ARMOR which made her, in my opinion, the most solid-ass treaty battleship.


The North Carolina was protected with about 12 inches of belt, about 7 inches of relative deck, 16 inches of turret and 16 inches of conning tower. Her offensive weaponry had three triple mount turrets lugging around the improved 16 inch guns from the Colorados, some 5 inch secondaries in dual mount turrets, the 1.1"/75 quad AA guns which were eventually replaced with 40mm Bofors in dual and quad carriages as well as a load of 20mm Oerlikons. The ship could run at 28 knots which, back then, is fast. Before, the battleships couldn't even reach 25 knots apart from Queen Elizabeth reaching 24 because superdread and only battlecruisers could reach nearly 30 knots of speed. Now a battleship, not some measly reformatted and retrofitted battlecruiser, nearly reached 30 knots and it is glorious. It also was the first recipient of all major equipment and hax the USN had at the time so when she was commissioned, she was pretty much the newcomer of the game sporting new equipment.


About the guns....




THIS was the first AA gun aboard although this particular picture was on Pennsylvania. Now this AA gun was, for a better word, a really REALLY wonky gun. Called the "Chicago Piano" by the crew (the other Chicago Piano was the M1928A1 Thompson because gangsters though it was usually called the Chicago Typewriter), it occasionally jammed and if my brain hasn't rusted, this gun did not like its crew back by being really 'stubborn' at times for a gun mount . It was in the event she was replaced by the 40mm Bofors much to the joy of a certain someone I know because that said person worships that gun so fervently it has made his Iowa untouchable from the air. The offensive 16 inch guns were originally intended to be 14 inch guns but because politics being politics with the dirt it carries, it was armed with its current guns.




Iterations for North Carolina and South Dakota.


She was present at the outbreak of the Pacific War but technically wasn't there as after shakedown she was still skulking around the Atlantic because Derpitz I mean Tirpitz might attempt to troll convoys because playing pin the depth charge on the u-boat wasn't enough, she steamed to Pearl as it was reeling from the surprise stab-in-the-sleep attack and actually raised spirits from the battered servicemen and served as a screen and floating artillery for landings. It was during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons that this happened while she was screening the carrier Enterprise (CV-6):




Basically Enterprise seeing and hearing North Carolina's AA suite unload rounds into the air that someone figuratively radioed to them "dude were you hit and are now on fire?" due to the intensity of the AA suite cranking that it sounded like she got hit by a 1000 lb bomb several times over and observers saw her deck with rapid barrel flashes, and this was still on the Chicago Piano quad AA and the 5 inch guns firing rounds into the air. 90+ AA rating well deserved. Never change with your AA suite, NoCal.


I will rage if anyone goes "North Carolina x Enterprise (CV-6) OTP" and hope for rule 34 shipgirl because those two are the most decorated battleship and carrier respectively and they proved their bond of sisterhood together during NoCal's tenure in screening for Enterprise. Coincidence? I'm looking at you, windforce.


After serving as screen and floating artillery some more, North Carolina did a torpedobeat (Eurobeat if you can torpedobeat on NoCal, I would be freakin' impressed) on a torpedo once but eventually got hit with another torpedo, not on the same day but the second time a torpedo was swimming towards her she wasn't so lucky. Now while her damage control corrected list and the concurring flooding without much trouble, there was a rapid design review happening because while the ships were more or less stable, the bulkheads proved questionable, especially when a torpedo just came in like a wrecking ball without so much as a thought. Had repairs, went back to her screening duties because the carriers are helpless baby leopard seals without the big battleship to cover their sorry hulls the carriers were important and had lent her guns as floating artillery combined with the new hax she got during drydock period that made her quite more awesome in finding fire solutions as well as her AA suite which gunners already have several notches on their AA guns, was present during the Great Marianas Turkey shoot and had her share of plane shootdowns to add more notches to her AA guns and still was in her usual role despite brief periods of drydock for more module installations, was a shore bombardier and screen which hugged carriers like an overprotective big sister to her little sister and hug them she did for her AA suite was incredible.


qralux.jpgHer sister Washington was more on the anti-surface role. She was the only one of the two to blast a Kongo class battleship during Guadalcanal and was the North Carolina class to be selected as one the impromptu quick reaction battleship force to be peeled of and be reformed as a single battleship division during Leyte.


The battle ship was eventually decommissioned and while her sister was scrapped, she did not meet the same fate and instead got her retirement as a museum ship as a testimony to her deeds. She's also the most highly awarded battleship the US has.


In-game wise, while I do appreciate not having to screen the ruddy battleship because of her insane AA suite, I wonder at her anti-surface capability: 16km and the flippin battleship just straddled me on a Mogami and I was caught in a bad position. Now I was grateful to not suffer citadel or heavy damage, but aint her dispersion shotgun level? I mean sure it can be understood at 23 flippin km that dispersion makes you rage but 16km and rounds overshoot or straddle? Though a part of me feels that its good tradeoff unless the RUdevs plan something that either messes with the battleship or gives it a boost.


Derp.exe has stopped working.

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It's funny how some of the most advanced US battleships had "make-up" dispersion values or got nerf from their "historical" stats while some IJN paper ship which had never sailed the sea is much more accurate than their battle-hardened counterparts. So salty :unsure:


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It's funny how some of the most advanced US battleships had "make-up" dispersion values or got nerf from their "historical" stats while some IJN paper ship which had never sailed the sea is much more accurate than their battle-hardened counterparts. So salty :unsure:


Agreed, rather salty regarding the accuracy, but also the health and usefulness of them deadly 5" secondaries, which were supposed to be some of the best in the war, but the next patch will remedy the secondaries at least :)


But I have to say she is indeed a beautiful ship +1 Evyl

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