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Japanese Armoured Cruiser

磐手 Iwate





Class/Type: Izumo Class Armoured Cruiser

Displacement: 9423 tons
Length: 132 meters

Breadth: 20 meters

No of shafts: 2

Engine: 24 Belleville boiler engines

Power: 14500 h.p.

Top speed: 20.7 knots (38km/h)



2 - Twin 203mm/45 Type 41

14 -  QF 6 inch/40 naval guns
12 - QF 12 pounder 12 cwt naval guns

8 -QF 2.5 pounder Yamauchi guns

4 - 457mm Torpedo Tubes


Belt: 178mm

Bulkheads: 127mm

Barrettes: 152mm

Turrets: 160mm

Casemates: 51mm - 152mm

Deck: 63mm

Conning tower: 76mm - 356mm



Japanese cruiser Iwate was ordered and built with Armstrong Whitworth on 19 July 1898 at the Elswick shipyard. She was laid down on 11 November 1898, launched on 29 March 1900 and finally completed on 18 March 1901. She later departed for Japan the following day. Upon arriving to Yokosuka on 17th May


If cruiser Iwate were to be rewarded a certificate of participation, it be the Russo-Japanese War. In 9th February 1904, she participated in the Battle of Port Arthur where they face off with a Russian squadron just outside of Port Arthur. Under Admiral Togo's command, both sides taken hits but however, the Russians received more casualties than the Japanese. Cruiser Iwate was damaged in fight but not too severe.


She participated a battle right off from Ulsan on 10th August 1904 where 3 Russian Armoured Cruisers faces off 4 Japanese Armoured Cruisers, including Iwate, and 2 Protected Cruisers (gee... I wonder how that went). During the battle however, Iwate received quite a beating despite the one-sided fight. It got a struck on the roof of Iwate's starboard forward upper six-inch casemate, resulting in ignition of the ready-use ammunition. Total of 40 crews were killed and 37 wounded. She was later transferred to the 1st Division mid-September and was assigned to guard the Tsugaru Strait thru April 1905.


Like her 'sisters-in-law/cousins' (whatever strikes you fancy) ships, the Azuma and Yakumo, cruiser Iwate also participated in the Battle of Tsushima. During the battle, Cruiser Iwate and Cruiser Yakumo became a world Cruiserweight tag-team champion and sunk a Russian Coastal Battleship, Admiral Ushakov, but unlike in Pro-wrestling, Iwate was actually pretty darn injured from the fight (shots fired?). Took about 17 shots from the opposing side.


As the IJN was preparing to invade Sakhalin Island in early July, Kamimura's 2nd Division, now reduced to Iwate, Izumo, and Tokiwa, was tasked to defend the Korea Strait before it escorted troops that made an amphibious landing in northeastern Korea. In mid-August, the division covered the landing at Chongjin, closer to the Russian border. After the war, she was briefly commanded by Captain Yamashita Gentaro from 2 February to 22 November 1906 before he was relieved by Captain Arima Ryokitsu. - took from WikPed (too lazy to type all out)



Iwate did tons of stuff during the war.


At this point, armoured cruiser Izumo Iwate was already deemed obsolete but that didn't stop this mid-life crisis ol lady! Unfortunately, she did not do as much as the Russo-Japanese War. She participated in the Battle of Tsingtao but... was later assigned to the First South Seas Squadron, based at Fiji and later at the Marquesas Islands.

She went for training cruise to Australia and the Southeast Asian Isles with cruiser Azuma on 20 April 1916. She later went for another cruise to Panama Canal, Hawaii, Argentina, South Africa, all that good stuff with cruiser Izumo and Yakumo (talk about going on holiday trips with her sisters) between 21 August 1920 to 8 February 1923.

After that, she had a lot of refitting. (probably from all of those overseas shopping)


Despite being a grandma at this point of time, she still have have it in her and was assigned to the 12th Squadron of the 3rd Support Fleet from 1 February 1940! Then later became 1st class cruiser and finally down to a training ship in 1943. Iwate was attacked by an American aircraft carrier but oh baby, she's still going and surviving! She was bombed once again during the Kure Bombing and this time it actually got her good. She was flooded and sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Armoured Cruiser Iwate was sunk on 24th July 1945 and was raised and scrapped late 1946.


24th July 1945

Late 1946

After reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?

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