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[Bug] Premium port stays activate after premium time runs out.

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Issue:   Premium port does not disable itself after premium account expires.


Hawaii port but with standard account: http://i.imgur.com/YQwWTb4.jpg

Hawaii port remaining after premium runs out: http://i.imgur.com/LFiumXU.jpg

Ship: Any
Map: Port/Dock
Occurrences:  After Premium account runs out.
Tested: Unable to reproduce again as I dont need premium anymore.
Severity: Minor

Happened when I went into battle and when I came out my premium account port was still there. Steps I did to get the bug:

1. Premium time: 5 minutes remaining

2. Enter into Hawaii Port aka Premium port

3. Enter Random battle

4. Finish battle after premium account runs out 

5. When returning to port, observe Hawaii port still active. 


When leaving Hawaii port after premium time has expired I am unable to reenter the port so it is only after your port 


Expected result:

Hawaii port/Premium port should be automatically disabled when premium time runs out and should default back to Philippines port.


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