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when is my lovely ARPkongo voice?

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Oops, wrong spelling, please edit topic head for me it's 'voice' not 'vioce'




while kirishima(yotaro) and haruna that come out later, both already got their own voice

what about ARPkongo that come out first??? how long


I can't wait to hear her cold, cool and mighty voice >_<


it you keep her wait too long, she might get angry,

and when she angry, she's scary you know...



Title edited at OP request.


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I believe WG Japan is kinda holding the relations for the WoWS x ARP collab so its up to them... though that doesn't stop one from hoping they're already talking to the respective VA's for recordings.


To be fair though, even Iona has voice recordings for the carrier squadrons as well as the auxiliary planes such as the catapult fighter and spotter.

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