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KM Nurnberg

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Another badpost to waste away in the forum.


Note that there are actually two ships named Nurnberg: the Koenigsberg class one and the Leipzig class. Yes, Nurnberg's big sister is the flippin' Leipzig. DEAL WITH IT.







For all the chuck's worth, the Koenigsberg class light cruisers were showing their age and as Germany began to ragequit plans for the Treaty of Versailles and the amended Washington Naval Treaty which limited their navy, it was called upon the builds to have newer light cruisers in treaty standards so that the Brits and French won't have hissy fits like they did on Scharnhorst. One glorious result was the review of the Koenigsberg design study and they improved the design and that iteration became the Leipzigs. There are actually two of the class: Leipzig, and this ship. Nurnberg was... well... different from her big sister as she was a bit bigger than her sister and she received some of the more reasonable stuff despite not actually blasting any surface ship apart from playing the artful dodge of the yellow submarine torpedo ballet. Oh and apparently someone gave the ship an entire fuel storage's worth of vodka so much she became Russian with the name "Admiral Makarov", much like the Japanese Akatsuki destroyer Hibiki renamed Verniy (Hope) which some elements here are still going on about making her into tier 8 Russian Fubuki (the type 3 Akatsuki were technically Fubuki lol) to sate their desire.


Nurnberg's name came from the city of Nuremberg within the old Bavaria state of Germany. Its also the place where war crime trials were held.


2j3qzrt.jpgNurnberg in Norway dazzle.


Nurnberg was just protected with 2 inches of belt, about 4 inches of conning tower and 1.2 inches of deck and was decently armed with nine 150mm guns in three triple mount turrets in the same A-XY configuration of their predecessors but without the OCD inducing turret placement as all turrets now aligned with the ship's centerline, some 88's for dual purpose, a bunch of 37mm autocannons and several 20mm guns mounted in the flakvierling carriage for AA suite and two pairs of triple mount torpedo tubes though a pair was removed somewhere in '42. The cruiser could run at about 33 knots which was quite nice. The gun is what amazed me most as the process within the turrets, independent aiming on each gun, were nearly all manual. No rammers were there as the crew had to do it all by themselves from lugging the 150mm shell and charge into the barrel and arming the breech.




No awesome combat for Nurnberg, sadly.


Soon as she was ready and commissioned, she took part in cruises in the Baltic and was present during a review with the Fuhrer and Hungarian regent Miklos Horthy Sr. who was there as a guest and had done about cruise runs and training till World War 2 broke out where her initial action was of her and several of her cruiser colleagues trying in vain to not let the Polish Navy reach open sea (yes, the Poles had LL/Lend-Lease ships from the UK so Polandball can into navy. DEAL WITH IT) and failed as they ran to the British Home Islands where they were attached as second fleet units along with any Polish unit in the ground with the Brits. Afterwards, had a minor altercation with a sub which had her hit by a single torpedo yet still held together because ingenious compartmentalizing and sailed back to port for repairs. She served as a training cruiser for subs because at that time, the Kriegsmarine wasn't all too keen about how to battleship as Bismarck was destroyed by the Brits who sent a crapload of capital ships just to find and kill that lone battleship and Tirpitz was stuck up north where she would earn the nickname "The Lonely Queen of the North" which left them with the active Scharnhorsts which were already trolling and they weren't that much on how to cruiser as well as Graf Spee accidented herself because she was damaged during the Rio de la Plata brawl and so had to skulk around the north as part of the fleet in being to scare the living shit out of the Brits, eventually had her slingshot and aircraft removed and it wasn't easy to refit her as the Brits were constantly going on bomber sorties by the dozen. Had some minelaying runs and eventually was transferred to the Soviets after the surrender of Germany and gotten herself renamed as Admiral Makarov and served as cruiser, training ship and eventually decommissioned and scrapped when the Chapayevs came in but that only solidified her as the longest serving Kriegsmarine vessel despite being in another Navy


In-game wise, I actually love the Nurnberg. Its impressive rate of fire can unload a surprising amount of rounds in short order, the AP can sometimes deal damage not expected of a cruiser such a 2k against a battleship and 8k max if you catch it flat on its side and its also the light cruiser thug as it can theoretically plug a Cleveland at range while laughing at the American light cruiser because superlative range and even the Aoba although the newcomer Budyonny can have the last laugh in a ranged duel. Bad sides of the thing include its glaring citadel and armor which doesn't protect well against HE blasts and that accursed A-XY turret layout which limits offensive action AND forces you to show your side or perform 'Parthian shots' as most of your offensives are located in your behind which means you need to turn tail and kite like a boss in melee engagements ALL THE SINGLE FLIPPIN TIME.


Oh and RUdevs, please rename Nurnberg to Leipzig as Leipzig is the ship class so to speak and Nurnberg is just a beefed up Leipzig, so goes with Hiryu representing both which again can be classed as a 'different' class.


Derp.exe is over.

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I love the Nurnberg! It's my Cleveland of the KM line... She's not easy to have at first but she kinda grows on you... I finally earned my first Kraken unleashed using this baby... +1 from me! :medal:


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Well at least she gets a better battle record with a half baked player like me than she did in real life haha, poor Nurnerg

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