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A slight buff for Marblehead

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Ok, Marblehead is an Omaha class cruiser that is basically using B hull with A hull AA with GFCS mod 2, having 1 less set of torp using Mark 9 rather than Mark 11 and the gun upgrade. It do not fit in any role. Can't do AA support, Torp damage and speed is horrible, even worse than Omaha, Gun is outranged by everyother cruiser with full upgrade. And detection range just allow other to detect her before she can open fire

Compare to the Murmansk, another Omaha class premium Marblehead have less AA capabilities, worse torp speed, damage better range and reload time, worse gun range, worse detection range

So I suggest that we should use the 1945 configuration of the Marblehead which will make it more of a dedicated AA cruiser with a lot of torpedo in exchange for less main gun

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