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Regarding the ARPEGGIO captain

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As I understand, ARP captain uses reserve slot like other captain. But you cannot dismiss them.

For this set of missions alone. We gonna get three ARP captains for 1 ship- Kirishima

1 Haruna 2 Kirishima 3 Yotaroh (bear)


Mean they gonna take 2 of captain slot after complete and stay there forever.


Is my understanding correct. Is it intend? I find it hard to go and complete these mission, while they are good to have and I like anime. I don't feel like giving 2 captain reserve slot for that


BTW If you already own Iona- they all go to reserve. 3 of them.




I have 4 slots

One of them occupy by Myogi captain

read: Available place 3/4


I send Iona to reserve

read: Available place 2/4


These 2 captain won't show up in the same panel cause of difference nation. But i guess they occupy a spot. I hear same complaints in Eu forum


Heard some question on EU forum


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