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so basically this is who we are right now?


WG staff to ship girls? and in their wg office? haha



Moderators to Banned? so looks like this?



and for the the ST coordinator to info leaker... fair seas there commander.



and Super Tester to Ship Girl Worshipper? 



and for Alpha tester to Old Guys (well literally they're the oldest players in this game haha)



and for us Beta tester change into torpedo bait (well got to agree for we've been torpedo baits of kitakami since beta )


and for member to Landlubbers... wait what?



and that's how i understand the new statuses haha


and btw im not a torpedo bait, im just a normal shireikan who love ship's sterns and bows hahaha

sorry for the long post and may the power of april fools come to you! on your stations!!! :izmena:


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Ship Girl Worshipper


Ayyy..... I am not!! They followed my orders!! D:

And Choukai & Maya are mine!!

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