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Forum Etiquette for Newcomers (or how not to get banned or ridiculed)

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So after nearly 18 months of moderating I thought it time to put down a few things that seem to go wrong on a regular basis ;)


1.  Follow the rules!

Probably the easiest way to get yourself banned from the forums is to break the rulez.


To simplify (and no this is not a post you can use in your defence the rules always take precedence) :

  • No lewds!  Leave the racy pics and videos where you found them.  The forums (as for all WG sponsored places) are PG rated.  
  • No gore.  Same reason there are no crew members being shot up on your ships.  (that PG rating thing again).
  • No profanity.  
  • No religious/political debates.  Leave the politics and religion alone.
  • No racism/bigotry/homophobia etc.  It's not necessary and will NOT be tolerated at all.  
  • No naming and shaming.


2.  Search!

To avoid ridicule and the "oh not this again" replies - use the search function.   Don't make the same thread over and over, not only will you irritate the regular denizens of the forums you'll get a ban for it as well. 

We don't need more threads on:

  • Battleships dropping anchor to turn/stop quickly
  • Submarines when


3.  Placement, grammar and style

Watch where you post your brilliant treatise on your favourite element of the game.  Putting up a 3 page wall of text with no punctuation that is full of l33t speak is not going to gain you any kudos.  Putting a 1 line "it doesn't work" post into the general discussions section is not going to gain you much in the way of a reply either. Try the bug reports section and use the reporting guide for an idea on what sort of information is required to get your problem solved faster.


Just opening up with a rant won't get you very far.  Be constructive in your criticism of an issue and provide evidence!  You saying there is a problem just doesn't cut it.  Replays, screenshots, and collected statistics count.  Ask if anyone else is experiencing the same problem/feels the same way.  (Don't assume that just because it seems like an issue to you that everyone else feels the same.)


4.  Don't Necro old threads

Check the date on a thread before replying to it.  As a newcomer you don't need to reply to every thread that is out there.  Many threads are left open well past their used by date as they contain information that is still of historical value.   


5.  Play nicely with the community!

Now I'm not saying you have to agree with everything everyone says (this is a discussion forum after all), but don't get abusive/personal with your replies.  Disagree with people all you like.  Just back it up with some sort of logical and coherent argument if you want your view to be received with anything other than ridicule and derision.


6.  If in doubt don't post it!

If you aren't sure it will breach a rule don't post it!  PM a moderator for guidance if you aren't sure about something.  Just don't expect us to answer within 30 seconds of you sending your PM.


7.  Have fun

Lastly, but by no means least, have fun on the forums and in game. 





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What do you mean "no lewd"?

No lewd, no me! Are you going to ban me? You evil Sith Lord who got a BANNED title! 


Opening up with a Lewd won't get you very far....

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Here is my lewd post. I dare you ban me! Any of you Sith!


If im a mod i prob ban you and state the reason as "user request" :D:D:D


Anyways back to topic thank you DMW :great:

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