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Advice for the effecient handling and operation of 8incher (200+mm) guns?

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I've recently started my CA line beginning with the Furutaka and grinded my way past and now have the Aoba. Heavy Cruisers are very different from the Light Cruisers I've settled in quite well in the past. Playing with CAs have given me new insights into proper cruiser play but I could use more advice and information on handling CAs.


First off, is the Expert Loader skill viable in the CA line? I didn't use it on CLs since the switching in between shells was quick on the 150s and lower. I ask this since I find myself switching shells alot whenever a broadsided target appeared and switch back to HE as soon as he/she's angled.


Right now, the Aoba is my second and newly purchased CA. Should I consider more on using AP over HE? So far the raw HE damage is amazing but I know I could do more with AP but the enemies I face at T6 are smarter and angle themselves making AP a bit more dicey. From what I've digged up on the net IJN CAs should stick with HE but I could be doing this wrong.


After I'm done eliting the Aoba, I'm gonna have a go for the Yorck and beyond. Just letting myself learn alot about proper CA play with IJN CAs as training wheels.



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The Yorck has a terrible shell arc and travel time on its AP shells so you'll be mostly using HE in it unless you see a broadside enemy cruiser at 10km or so. :D


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For IJN CAs, I generally stick to HE for everything, and have had very good success all the way up to the Zao. As you yourself know, most players at T6+ will angle themselves, thus making AP rather situational. I only switch to AP if:

1. The target still sails straight after the first or second salvo

2. The target is in a position where he can only sail Broadside to me (e.g. cornered by an island)

3. Ambush situations


For German CAs, well for Yorck, stick to HE because the AP flight time is too long to effectively hit anything beyond 8km. T8 and above, I use AP almost exclusively. Starting out, the AP will seem ineffective as you keep bouncing or over-penning other CAs, but eventually you can learn to fire at the right times while in concealment and deal heavy punishment to unaware enemies. Things just die immediately from mass-citadel hits in my experience, they don't really get grinded down with German CAs


just my 2 cents :P

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IJN Aoba Class, some of the most versatile class to use imo.


No need the expert reload, it is 10-12 seconds is quite fine.

Aoba can be played suicidally, like charging to enemy destroyer.

This is something a Myoko cannot afford to due to larger waterline

It is maybe 1 of the reason why I need proper reminder of the Myoko's sighted range, and angling.


Aoba starts fires well. AP only when you see a CA/CL running straight.

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aoba is a fine training ship for the rest of the IJN line

1.she's got the same sweet 203 guns the IJN uses up to T9(zao's guns shoot nukes coated with napalm)

2. he "head"(bow) is very tough to penetrate, so you can employ the same "angle your head and set crap on fire" tatic as on later IJN CAs,

3.low mid ship section, harder to hit and cithadel


anyways, as to when and when not to use AP, it boils down to this, 

DONT shoot AP unless they are in 13kms or lower

DONT shoot at any ship angleing too much

ALWAYS shoot HE when hunting BBs in a pack(squad?) of CAs, the fires that you set will be very distracting and throw off the BB's aim

NEVER AP a ship that's only using it's front guns


and finally, a bit of advice for a budding IJN captain, i say this because a LOT of new players to the IJN CA line do this at the start.



dito and good hunting in your aoba

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