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which is best tech tree for agility and damage :?

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Hmm... if you want to move around at the same time hit hard, why not learn how to play a destroyer? Those things are fast, agile and hits as hard as they can with their torpedoes. However don't expect to deal massive chunks of damage with the main battery in a single round that connects but however they CAN instill fear out of most classes due to their torpedoes as they skulk out there, especially within battleships. If you want a mix of gun and torpedoes, the US can be your choice. If you want to be a dastardly prick that slings torpedoes while invisible, go for Japan. If you want gun purists as the torpedoes are actually rather questionable, the Russians can fit your bill for more of guns and less of torpedoes.


If you want to be a more pudgy ship but has a degree of agility with good amounts of damage, I can suggest the cruiser. Ships with good AA suite and impressive guns and is practically a "do everything to a capacity" ship, with some cruisers such as the high tier US ships foregoing torpedoes for pure gunnery.


That or you want a battleship that behaves as a battlecruiser or even a carrier.

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You can try American and Japanese destroyers. Japanese do asmssive damage with their long range torpedoes (mostly 7km or better) and American destroyers have decent range guns but insane rate of fire

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IJN Destroyers are the most fragile ship in this game, but the best when it is about taking down Battleship with Torpedo (Struggle in Tier 6 and 7)

Up to tier 5 you "Play" Agressively, after that

Up to tier 10 you "Pray" Agressively for the enemy sail in a Straight line

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