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the Ibuki cruiser

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This isn't the old Ibuki protected cruiser ya lugs so you can rest easy. Because I'm a shlub, I'll just spam badposts here.


I never did expect anything much for this heavy cruiser class other than the fact that its a "Mogami 2.0" without the whole issue such as seaworthiness but one thing I didn't count on was that the ship was to be turned full carrier. YOU WENT FULL RETA- I mean (light) CARRIER. NEVER GO FULL CARRIER.




9tmVDg1.gifHow to Ibuki from Mogami: this is as-built so notice hull, forecastle and aft mast height and new scanners. If any hardcore detailfag is available, verify that Mogami with upgraded hull is truly Suzuya.


In any aspect, the first "proper" heavy cruiser Myoko pioneered the ABC-XY turret layout as well as the hull construction and this was used within two heavy cruisers classes that succeeded her: the Takaos, the Mogamis, and originally the Ibukis. It wasn't that much to learn from their mistakes on Mogami which was, if the whole limitations were not in play, to be their most hax cruiser built. But she had problems such as seaworthiness to the point they had to spend res just to fix all four Mogami (the Suzuya "subclass" at this point should be still building) and they planned to have more ships within Naval Supplement Programs or "Circles" to rapidly form their impressively growing cruiser force. The 1941 Type A cruiser or the Senjo/Zao would have been likely the final iteration on how to cruiser but historically, it should have been the Ibuki which were the final iterations on how to Japanese cruiser. There were two of the ships in the class but back then, they both didn't have names as they were just called "cruiser no. 300" and "cruiser no. 301", with 301* being scrapped in the slipway to clear it for Amagi and I am not saying this is the same Amagi battlecruiser that 'died' during the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake but rather the Unryuu class Amagi carrier. Kinda ironic as Ibuki was to become a carrier later.


*Cruiser no. 301 is NOT Zao for those chuckleheads that may go there.


2lae8us.jpgIbuki if she had not went full light carrier. If the ship reminds you of Mogami or Suzuya, note that Ibuki was practically a souped up Mogami that was not supposed to have the same problem as her predecessor like turrets A and B jamming because forward section of ship constantly awash messed up with turret rotation or the fact that Mogami wasn't fully effective as she would practically kill herself just by simply shooting.


Ibuki as a cruiser was to have the improved layout of Suzuya with tweaks (lets face it, Suzuya was a chucked version of Mogami) coupled with newer equipment and was to be protected with about 4-6 inches of belt, 2.5 inches of deck. about 6 inches of turret and an inch or so of conning tower. Offensives were to be the same ABC-XY turret layout from Myoko to Mogami lugging the same 203's, some 5 inch guns, a couple of 25mm guns, some HMG's and quad torpedo tubes in pairs on each side. The speed was expected to be the same 35 knots of her predecessors so it would be competitively fast with the same heavy armor against anti-surface action... but alas, that was not meant to be.



YOU WENT FULL LIGHT CARRIER. NEVER GO FULL LIGHT CARRIER. Have you learned nothing from Tosa class battleship Kaga, Lexington class battlecruiser Lexington and Amagi class battlecruiser Akagi which were reformatted to become full carriers (living comfort? wuzzat?) and their deaths?


Well... Ibuki would nominally stay the same after conversion slated, hell even the Iowa had conversion studies done and even the Alaska large cruiser had Essex machinery in order to convert her on the fly when things are needed to be. Only difference should be that as a cruiser hull, she would be a light carrier. One example of a cruiser hull being used for carrier builds is the Independence which was derived from the Cleveland light cruisers. As she gains a deck, she had about the space for 30 or so aircraft and her conversion would likely thin out her armor a bit and becoming a light carrier would have severely reduced her speed to about 28 knots though some bits would say she'd be way slower like dread speeds of 24 knots.



Where were you when Ibuki was kill I mean to be scrapped? I dunno why but seeing a warship during shipbreaking/scrapping is a bit saddening.


She really didn't reach fitting out per se as she was busy being converted to replace the Midway Four during 1943 and the constant made her too late to see action even as a carrier and was scrapped in the end of the war at the same slipway she was being converted on.


In-game wise, I have heard of Ibuki being a solid cruiser in most aspects although I have yet to see her downsides for myself as easy as it is, Mogami is now comfortable to be on the helm in with her 203's and improved rudder shift so I'll expect ibuki to more or less perform the same way her predecessor with, albeit with more durability and greater ergonomics. Carrier wise, I doubt the carrier players would want her but her air wing I kinda expect a more souped up version of Ryujo's.


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A tier 5 candidate to me, Ibuki would been end up like other unsuccessful converted vessel to carriers (slow, uncomfortable for the crew members, weak structures and cramped badly). Planes could carry estimate 28 or 30 aircraft, but armor is quite decent for a CVL (that extra weight come off with slower speed).


I was thinking that IJN second CV line is going to have some carriers that have been converted from their original forms. Akagi, Kaga, Shinano and Ibuki, a purpose-built mass produce carrier like Unryu could be tier 7 or either Soryu.

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