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Game entry/exit crash since last patch

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Issue:   Since the last patch numerous occasions of crashes leaving matches and some on entry

Screenshots: N/A
Ship: Numerous
Map: Numerous
Occurrences:  About every 3 or 4 games

Tested: Yes

Severity: large, hampers play and disadvantages team and eventually leads to quitting the game for at least 24 hours in frustration

Details:  Since the last patch I've been having client crashes on numerous occasions (never had them before the patch). There are 2 types as per below;

  1. Post battle crash (most often) - have played the battle and been sunk, and decide to return to port so bring up the game menu by pressing escape. I then select exit battle, and that's when the UI crashes. It animates the pressing of the button each time I click form then on (on any of the menu options), but doesn't actually proceed to them, and escape doesn't work to go back to the game itself. The only way to get out of it is to start task manager (which still says WoWS is running fine), and force shutdown the program.

  2. Match loading crash (only happened a few times) - In the match loading screen showing the teams and the match countdown clock, I press begin when it appears and nothing happens. Like the previous issue, it animates the button when I click on it but nothing happens. When the timer runs out, I get the audio as if I'm in my ship, and the controls actually work (ie I throttle up  with "W" and I get the throttle sounds, or I press the defensive fire button and I get the confirmation audio, and I once tried a chat message and was told when I got back in that it actually worked, even though I couldn't see what I typed), but the screen is stuck on the team screen and I can't exit it (escape key doesn't bring up a menu or anything either). Again only way to get out of it is to go into task manager and force end the client. I can then reload the client and I go into the match, but by then it's a few minutes in.


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Please try do disk error checking and fetch error report from Event viewer.


As well as python.log file which located in profile folder.


for error report and python.log files, upload them to mediafire.com then post download links here.



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