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Arcade vs simulation

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Lets start with that..

Dec.14.2014 5:30pm


In recent years dating from 2007-2014 i played many games most specially warthunder, world of tanks, arma 2, silent hunter 3-4-5, Red orchestra, Hearts of Iron 2-3 and simcity/sim.  I notice many things that makes everybody plays this game. as of follows:

1 Details

2. Content of the game

3. Competitiveness

4. The beauty 

 well that is how i categorize my game that i like best.. and currently of course i became attach to online FREE games. that would not cost me ehem .....  and now i became a beta tester for the game NO spoilers.. it all thanks to people who have given me this opportunity to be part in beta wow.. at least I am in the BETA .. Yea i'm very grateful im very much looking forward to what will happened to the finish product..

anyway that is off topic.. what i'm here for is what "SUGGESTION"  hmmphh..... Right my topic is like this what if WOT.WOW has a simulation game/ switching for arcade and simulation game.. my GOD i'll go YOLO:child:.. well if they would implement the Simulation maybe  2-3 years after it was launch cause of the details and hard to fix.. many bugs and particles. not only that.. i wish WOT would have the same simulation battle mode (Like if they ever implement them).. wow everyone with a "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome"/chuunibyou would be Hyped.

SO if they ever Do that what do you guys think..?

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