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Carrier replay

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So I kinda noticed how bad the Replay feature for carrier is, they didn't show much, no aiming reticule, no movement indicator, and no squadron selection as you can see in my replay video here:


but for some reason this guy's replay have them



is there any setting that I need to do to show those up or I need to download some kind of mods for it?

Or was patch gave them since my replay is from

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Okay, so you say your replay is from and now it's

First off, replay uses script generated during battle, and save it into a file, and when you opened the replay, it's just re-creating the stuffs from script it wrote earlier while you were in battle. So, basically for replays to fully function, the patch that the replay was written and the version of cilent you use should be the same, for best results. D:

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