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Signal Lamp from IJN DD is missing (

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Issue:   Signal Lamp from IJN ship (checked on DD(shimakaze). and kongo. forgot the other ship that use it)

Screenshots: attached below
Ship: IJN(Any)
Map: Any
Occurrences:  Keep Occuring.. even in save mode
Tested: Tested.. mod applied. mod removed. save mode(from launcher). keep occured
Severity: Low impact, visual error.
Details:  The signal Lamp model is missing from ships after update. 

checked the file in res folder.. the file is exist

yes i know the file list. since i modded the file before to make it glowing [i put the modded file in res_mods ofc]





but in game. the model is missing


checked the on several DD that i owned. (minekaze, kamikaze, shimakaze) and kongo , and several DD that i remember having it

all signal lamp from those ship is missing


screenshoot (i only profide SS for shimakaze and kongo. since i dont have old SS from other ship that showing signal lamp close enough) :














PS: pls dont mind the missing turrets from shimakaze.. it was the screenshot from failed experiment to add glow to turrets


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