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[Need advice] How to Atago?

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So I can't really resist the temptation and got Atago. (Damn me I could have bought several games on steam with 60 bucks)

Because I have seen myself "world of atagos' and how some atagos often get killed at the start of a match.

Can anyone give me some advice? especially on equipment choice on her and what captain skills to get.




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My way on playing the Atago is going for stealth and ambush build.. 

With the superior stealth, go find an unsuspecting CA/BB, take aim, fire a full salvo/straddle depending on its heading and then retreat while angling away from them..
After you went invisible, reposition the ship and repeat.. This way you give them almost no chance to shoot back

Going invisible can improve its survivability, can't shoot what you can see right?

Keep the ship afloat as long as possible.. Its really powerful late game as it has the all powerful repair party


Captain perks is standard for IJN CA.. Take SA, EM, SI, DE and finally CE

Upgrades you'd want to take the accuracy, steering gears, rudder shift and finally concealment mod

It has nasty HE which can deal 7k damage per salvo consistently and cause fire.. With DE it gets 20% fire chance/shell

Full concealment build gets you 9.1 km detection, the best among every CA in the game so far and allows you to stealth fire from 14.8 km and above

Also don't forget to use premium consumables especially damage control & repair party

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Play her slightly like a BB - always keep yourself angled - you have a big Citadel and need to keep angled, your guns hit hard - HE salvos can do 5K damage per salvo with nearly a guaranteed chance of Fire.

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Get Situational Awareness.

its most important perk for any Cruiser captain.


If you spotted always consider you were being aimed that very moment.

BB likes to aim at distracted CA

Cruiser needs to take carefull engagement, more so than Destroyer since shooting cruiser from 15km away is easier than DD. and that was the range of atago main gun

by getting Situational Awareness. it allow you to pick engagement suited for your favor (like advantage in number, better position, not got cought with your broadside down etc)

its most important skill to get


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I've never had an Atago, probably never will but she's a good ship... Even better at ambushes using the stealthiness that is abundant is IJN Cruisers.


From my observations, a Good Atago player keeps at range, angled presentation, and uses HE... This is how Atagos have sunk me with great effeciency with whatever ship I use...


A Bad Atago player would be the ones who keep showing their broadsides closing in, they're very easy to Citadel because of their enourmous engine... I've killed off many Atagos this way especially with my Oggy and Nurnberg...

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Thanks for all the suggestions given! (Although I wasnt the one who asked)

I'm planning on getting the Atago:red_button:!

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My build


Captain skill

1.Situation awareness

2.Incoming fire alert


4.Demolition expert

5.Concealment expert


With L15 cap skill + module + camo  = 9.1km detection, stealth can flank bb and help to get away from sticky situation

and angle the atago everytime when you got detected. Got one game my angled atago brush off shells from a montana.








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1) with latest patch atago can only go concealment artillery build. AA build won't do a thing. Use def. AA just for its spread effect only.

2) tier 2 perk needs to be EM. If u absolutely need incoming fire alert go ahead.

3) tier 3 perk is a tossup between superintendent and vigilance. Atago turns sluggishly, so vigilance may help. On the other hand , S.I gives u extra heal.

3) pyro is a must now. Aft does very little for atago after the aa patch.

4) accuracy mod is also a must now. Get both steering gear mods.

5) only fire when you're about to angle away as you're turning. This will ensure that any retaliation will minimize ap penetration suffered. Drop off detection, circle back around to the frontline with your speed, and rejoin the fight.

6) the atago cannot bounce shells from the yamato at any distance. Run and drop off cover no matter what.

7) never engage a tirpitz 1v1, even if you're good at dodging shells. Its rate of fire is enough to punish u severely before you can make a complete turn (atago's turning is very sluggish, remember)

8) you dont have to fire off all your torpedoes at once. If it means showing less of your broadside, so be it, just fire the front set and keep the rear (which has poor firing arc) for emergency 

9) atago can behave like a bb due to her repair. When not in emergency, you can actually leave one fire burning, then heal up when it goes out). Ca vs ca angled HE spam is likely to result in 2 burning CAs.

10) you don't have to travel at full speed. Go 3/4 all the time even when turning away unless catching up to objectives or fleeing to disengage. 3/4 is atago's optimal maneuvering speed, and not many people know this.

11) don't pull hard with the w and e keys unnecessarily. Hold down the steering and control it manually.

12) try the furutaka and the myoko out. They both perform like the atago.

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Atago have fast turret transverse, very good for engaging enemy at close range that sometimes other IJN cruiser can't keep up


The Torpedo tubes angles are very reliable

Able to fire to front and back


She also gets a very good camo value able to be spotted only in about 9 km range with captain skill and ship module


Very good HE despite her low RoF

Sturdy, unless the citadel is hit

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Crew skills are dependent on your ship Capt that you are training, however IJN CA strengths are guns and conceal...


Defo maximise equipment on concealment and then guns...
Standard Equipment is:
- Main Battery 1

- Gun FCS 1

- Damage Control 1

- Damage Control 2 (or some go propulsion 2 if they play with their speed a lot)

- Concealment 1


Only other thing of note - Tier 1 and Tier 4 skills

ALWAYS get Situational Awareness (1) and Demolition Expert (4)

IJN CAs have great stealth so situational awareness is great for that, and they have amazing fire chance, so with Demo Expert - it's at 20%... ... :trollface:


Play style:
- Angle angle angle,

- Don't get in close (unless it's a solo CA and AP is loaded and you are confident citadelling)

- Use HE as much as you can and only switch to AP if you are good at citadelling and you'll actually land them... APvHE is a very fine line in IJN CAs due to high fire chance and great AP velocity/arc...



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