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[] 111 Langley a bit OP?

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Don't get me wrong here, i'm not like complaining or anything, besides, i have the fully upgraded langely myself. (Gotta say i am not used to the langely because differnt play style between IJN and USN CV)

So I have been grinding the ARP missions with my trusty hosho thse days (fianlly got the ARP kirishima).

And i realised that after the update langely got an extra DB squadron.

Yeah indeed irl USN CVs utilised Dive Bomers more, but would WG consider buffing the hosho as well?

You know, i always thought in WoWs IJN CVs are more of the damage speciallist kind and USN are more air superiority based,

however right now it seems that langely is better than hosho in everyway.

Yes, one might argue hosho have two torp squadrons, however it have been nerfed a lot, damage have been nerfed, flooding chance nerfed, torp spread nerfed, I am content with 2 out of 4 torps hit, if I managed to hit 3 torp out of 4 in one go, i am literally thanking RNGesus .( actually its impossible to hit 3 torp on the same ship, i have tested on the enemy afk bb. I came in at a perfectly 90 drgree angle to the ship and because of her torpedo spread, only 2 hit, i tried three times, it came to the same conlcusion)

Meanwhile langley with its straight torp spread, you dont even need to go manual to get 3 hits. Combiend with Dive bombers light the ships on fire, it is unstoppable. 

Just then I tried one game in my langely, at the start of the match I  first charged with my DB to light enemy hosho on fire*2, killing her fighter squaadron with mine in the process with mine. Then i waited until she used repairs for the fire and then usde my torp squadron on her. 

And she is gone, in the first 3 minutes of the match .You guys know what happened next.

Let me just say i use the hosho much more than the langley and after nerfing i can never do that in one go(killing enemy cv without rearming my attack squadrons).

Im not saying the hosho is unplayable, i got good matches in her. Im just sayign i feel like langely have a advantage over her.    


Overall review of langley vs hosho

Fighters: Langley wins, i dont think i need to explain that

Torp bombers: though langely only have one, because torp spread and things like that, easy to get 3 or more hit in one go, which conpensates for the long reload, hosho even with two squadrons 4 hit is about what it gets. Besides the combined rearm time is not really shorter than langely's squadron, langely wins by a slightly bit

Dive bombers: hosho doesn't even have one,langely wins.

By the way, langley have more planes than hosho.

It even have better shipboard AA than hosho.

Only shortcoming? it's slow.



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You know, i always thought in WoWs IJN CVs are more of the damage speciallist kind and USN are more air superiority based,

however right now it seems that langely is better than hosho in everyway.


Well, you not really wrong. IJN CV are actually specialize in more DPS style while they have more squads but each squads does less damage (due to their bombs and torpedoes weaker than USN counterparts), they also have faster re-arm times so IJN CV can deliver more faster attack based on their doctrine "Strike fast, strike hard and swiftly with precise".


USN CV are more about their "specialized" load-out or sometimes is called "all-or-nothing god forbid" load-out, USN CV can run "Strike" or "AS" or "Balance" but come up with some trade-off as well.



- Strike loadout offer you more damage but little or no protection against enemy fighters so you need to be sneaky and careful not to get strafe.

- AS loadout offer you ability to dominating the sky for a "masochists" or "sadist" but you barely do any damage to enemy ships.

- Balance loadout (stock) is average, can do both AS and Strike but just not that good.


About Langley 1/1/1 load-out is a buff and a nerf because now Langley will ran out planes much faster, this might affecting her reserve TB and Fighters, her TB wasn't really great any mean because the manual drop have a big dispersion which mean RNG will likely hate you a lot, but her new TB squads wasn't bad either, they hit hard.


Hosho is fine as she it, keep in mind that you have faster re-arm times so Hosho can deliver more strike potentials.

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