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Invisible Drop Circles

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Description: Invisible Manual Drop Circles for Hiryu's Torpedo Bombers.

Ship: Hiryu

Map: Any map

Occurrences: sometimes when the bombers are reduced to 2-1 planes.

Tested: Tested and reproduced in training room.

Severity: medium impact


  • Hiryu's manual drop seems to go invisible while under defensive AA and/or under fighter attack.
  • It may occur on situations that only one of those conditions given above are met like two planes get shot down at the same time but it requires an RNG streak to happen.
  • Usually occurs when the squadron is down to two or one planes left.
  • Tried it on other carriers (Shokaku, Essex) and I cant seem to reproduce the bug using them. Probably it only occurs on the Hiryu.






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Had the same problem, but apparently u can fix it by cancelling the attack order and put out a new one, it should fix it. (at least for me)

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