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The Battering Ram

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We've all seen it done, that lucky player that rams the enemy and survives!


Now we are going to see how good you are at it!


Are you John McClane or Hans Gruber?


Collect the Die Hard achievement as many times as you can in the one battle and SURVIVE to the end.

Provide proof with screen shots of the post battles screens in the thread below.  (No tier or class restrictions).


The top 5 players that collect the highest number of Die Hard achievements in the one battle and survives will be the winners of 800 doubloons each.  In the event of a TIE then the top 5 will be awarded in ORDER OF POSTING.

Do NOT save post positions you will be automatically disqualified!


A further 10 randomly drawn players will receive 300 doubloons.


Event Start:   16:00 UTC +8 09 March 2016 

Event Finish: 16:00 UTC +8 22 March 2016


Engine Room, Bridge, Ramming Speed.
Brace, Brace, Brace, Brace for Impact For'ad.


Competition Rules:



* 1 entry per player

Participants MUST have an active World of Warships Asia account in order to receive the prize

* There are no Edits allowed, once posted, that is your final post

* Judges decision is final

* Prizes are for the Asia Server only



Please note that this is a Moderator run contest, the two judges are Dead_Man_Walking and lengxv6. WarGaming.net is the sponsor for all prizes. All prizes will be allocated into players accounts with in 14 days of Competition Close. 


Edit - competition extended for another week.



Edited by dead_man_walking

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Wow this was hard.. only got 1 after like 30 tries. You need to be really lucky to even get 2.

good luck~

ramming speeeeed!!.jpg

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I just went straight into a South Carolina dead on (And Somehow Survived). After that I just cowered back and fired my guns all game. They didn't hit anything -_-|


Imgur links are fine? Don't know how to do attached files ;-;.

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Congratulations to the following players, winning themselves 800 doubloons 


1. Oxissistic
2. WinterShion
3. csoo54
4. Ninajim
5. Swiftter7


Our only runner up, winning 300 doubloons, was:
1. TierCTrafficPolice


All prizes should be arriving in port within 14 days.


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