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CTD during Match loading Screen

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Issue:  CTD during Match loading Screen

Screenshots: N/A
Ship: Atago and Admiral Hipper. 
Map: Atago on land of Fire, Admiral Hipper on Atlantic. 
Occurrences:  Just once on each of those ships. ~1 week between crashes. 
Tested: Cannot effectively replicate.
Severity: Can't play nor can I go back to port till the match is over.
Details:  Map doesn't load and the screen becomes non responsive e.g cursor can move but can't swap between map details and team list. Alt Tab doesn't work as well, had to bring up Task manager and once I did, it showed that WoWS has become non-responsive and will now close. Upon reloading the client I get reconnected to the match but instantly crash to desktop and stays that way till the match is finish or around 5-10mins after the first crash. Was able to load normally into a PvE match just fine afterwards. *The matches in which crashes occur are first matches of the day.

Find attached Python logs for both matches under their respective names. 


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