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Floting Bonfire

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Well as the title says, the ship that has become a Floating Bonfire  in every battle is the Warspite.
Now, yes I agree the Warspite  guns at tier 6 do a lot of damage when it hits a ship,  yes it can repair a lot of damage from a citadel hit (the citadels are very week), But now the Warspite is nothing but a floating matchstick covered in petrol and bursts into flames when a HE shell even thinks about looking at her.
Can someone please have a look into this, because it really is bad when the Warspite has 3 fires burning at the same time and you use the repair to put the fires out, but while its on cool down you get 3 fires burning again straight away, you then have no chance to put them out and you burn to the waterline, all the while taking damage while  trying to run away.
Now when the Warspite was first put up for sale and after a few adjustment were made to her, she became a brawler of a ship that reveled in close quarter combat, but now you cant get close to any ship that has HE as you just get burnt to a crisp.
It would be nice if the fire chance on the ship could be reduced so the ship can fight in a battle and not just run and hide from HE shells as you cant brawl in this ship anymore.
Having played most of the BBs in the game other than tier 10s and the Iowa, I've not noticed or experienced any other BB get set on fire as much as the Warspite. (all tho this one time at Band camp.... a  Cleveland set my North Carolina on fire 5 times in a row.... HMMMMMMM).
Because the way it is at the moment the Floating Bonfire wont be getting a sail anytime soon....


Wasn't getting any response in the other area so thought I would put it here and see what happens.

Oh and can someone please delete the other post in Suggestions.

Thank you.


Duplicate Thread. Thread closed. User warned.


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