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A Suggestion to make PvE matches more worthwhile...

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Thanks for opening this topic, and like it says in the title... I'd like to make a suggestion to make PvEs more enjoyable and worthwhile...


I'd like to suggest a "PvE+" or "Coop+" mode open for players at a certain service level record... Currently PvE is good for beginning players to get acquainted to the game so let's leave that one at that... What I'm proposing is a new PvE mode for more experience players.


Simply put, this "PvE+" will be a lot harder that the usual fare but I know programming AI is not easy and my proposal does not ask for that at all... What I propose is that this mode will either have either:

- Buffed up stats for AI ships(like 1.5X) or

- Double(heck Triple even) the AIs total ship count (still mirroring tho) but appearing in waves or

- Human players will have nerfed stats


I've been observing that going toe-to-toe with the current AI doesn't make for a fun game due to their competence but I feel that programming for harder AI is not easy. So, this suggestion could let you get away with the current AI but still give human players a good fight...


Plus, this "PvE+" mode may give out more EXP and/or CREDITS than the usual PvE making it a somewhat effecient way to earn for players with their newly bought ships, players in training, and players looking for anything else than RBs...


I hope you'll consider my suggestion...



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Defend land base sounds like a good idea, sort of like a zombie defense game. Defend two to three land bases from a few swarms of enemy ai ships which try to get in close range to shoot/torpedo. If they are threatened they will target players instead

Potential frame-rate issues, however...

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