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I think I'd better give up my USN CV line

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I myself say a moderate (or an expert) CV player, especially when I play with torp planes.

See how much I deal with IJN CVs (tier 6 : ~0.4.1, tier 7 : 0.5.3~) with their high win rate.







Is there anyone thinking the damages are from DBs? No, lol they are from TBs.


I see the most ppl in the forum say that USN DBs now became much stronger and should be happy with them.

But I still feel (from the ages ago) DBs are such a full of waste and I think ONLY DAMAGE BUFF for DBs is a freaking terrible idea. - I think they need a deterministic mechanism not RNG-based one.


I've managed to do fine with my USN CVs with balanced (stock) layout because both upgrade layouts lack of TBs.

But now, I am nearly forced to upgrade my flight control and either use fighters + DBs or 0/1 fighter + 1 TP + DBs, whichever I feel bad.


So, I'm concerning I give up USN CV and switch to IJN.


What a shame.

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