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[MOD INFO] WoWS File Names/Lines (For Those In Need)

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Because going through all the file names to see which one is which can cause some serious time-wasting, here is the complete list as to what file belongs to what line.
For WoWS_SP the files are as follows

007866ae= All Stations, I Require Immediate Assistance
010a53f7= All Forces, Requesting Cover Fire
010b017b= Good Luck, And Fair Seas
0158b4ae= Enemy Force Detected (Pilot)
01d08de5= Destroyed (Pilot)
01e811fb= Returning (Pilot)
025fe38f= Torpedoes To Starboard
025ffa9e= Don't Fire At Your Allies
02832e82= Group 4 (3)
028701d4= Off To A Great Start
0303a508= Target Penetrated
03532121= All Stations, Requesting Fire Support
038627ad= Do Not Let The Enemy Take The Base
03b8d9d0= The Ship Is On Fire
03fd19a0= We've Sunk An Allied Destroyer
0406d3f8= Enemy Battleship Sighted
0440d725= Taking Fire
044610d5= We've Destroyed An Allied Battleship
044bc0ec= Attention, Support That Target
04a22c91= Ready For Takeoff (Pilot)
04d779b1= Standing By For Instructions, Over (Pilot)
04f97d77= Target Destroyed (Pilot)
06c0e4a4= Enemy Battleship Destroyed
074ac7b3= All Forces, Provide Cover For That Target
075d5055= Enemy Cruiser Destroyed
078ae3c7= Attention, Reporting The Target Position
08238164= Hold THe Base, By Any Means Necessary
082b4f1c= Group 4 (2)
08396018= I'm Not Able To Help You
087ea104= Enemy Cruiser Founderd
08d10ae5= You're On Your Own
09819765= All Forces, Protect The Base
09db21b4= Nice Work
0a56f41c= Much Obliged
0a935269= We're Under Attack!
0b2d08c5= Concentrate Fire On The Enemy Warship
0ba2ffcf= Thankyou
0ba39bf8= Many Thanks
0be6a5ec= All Stations, Capture The Base
0bf3748e= Dash It All
0ca43b9e= Recieved, I'm On It
0ce8ed5a= Enemy Destroyer Detected
0d077f39= All Stations, Proceed To Capture That Area
0d13336f= Group 3 (1)
0d3a7248= Enemy Battleship Sunk
0d4940a7= Protect The Base
0d9656c1= Destroyed (Pilot)
0e165910= Negative (1)
0e1e4ad9= All Stations, Provide Fire Support (1)
0e53a6f0= We've Sunk An Enemy Destroyer
0e97735a= Group 5 (1)
0ed62845= Enemy Destroyer Blown Up
0eed3c44= Let's Give Them A Hard Time
0f4603be= Will Go
0fbfa3ee= Attention, I Need Help
1023527d= Returning To Ship
10e1b4f3= Group 9 (3)
11108828= We've Destroyed An Enemy Battleship
118c9a4c= Target Destroyed (Pilot)
1253d072= Group 7 (2)
1274f02b= Sorry, No Can Do
128bcbe7= We're Hull Below The Water-Line, We're Falling Quickly
1440053d= Ah Neptune's Beard
14d855a0= All Stations, Concentrate Fire On The Target
14e42a2b= That's How It's Done
159026c0= Fighter Destroyed (Pilot)
15a77546= Enemy Destroyer Sunk
15eb472f= We've Sunk An Allied Cruiser
15f6e28a= Enemy Heavily Damaged
15ff50bc= Battle Ends In Five Minutes
160286e8= Returning (Pilot)
1686885c= We've Got Two Of 'Em
16c21cd9= Hull Breach, We're Taking On Water Quickly
17070dd7= Enemy Battleship Detected
175af557= Attention, Concentrate All Efforts On Protecting The Base
184b0dfd= Attention, Reporting The Target Position
1853aa5d= Group 7 (3)
186093f0= Affirmative (Pilot)
18656df1= We've Got Two Of 'Em
18b703b1= Ready (Pilot) (2)
190f091f= Target Destroyed (Pilot)
19543390= We're Under Attack (Pilot)
19b4c51d= Torpedoes Astern (2)
1a32f2f1= We've Destroyed An Allied Aircraft Carrier
1a395568= Attention, Defending The Base Is Our Primary Objective
1a6259f5= *AMBIENCE 1*
1a7bbd24= Group 1 (1)
1a89ab40= Standing By For Instructions, Over (Pilot)
1aad8c54= Enemy Cruiser Detected
1ad3b7dc= We've Destroyed An Enemy Cruiser
1b106e6b= Torpedoes Astern (1)
1b1739c7= Airborne (Pilot) (2)
1b1dd942= Maintaining Present Course
1b5c894c= Good Show
1b806011= Engaging Enemy (Pilot)
1b8ad484= Destroyed
1bbee598= Enemy Aircraft Carrier Destroyed
1bd350ad= Returning To Ship (Pilot)
1c714900= Group 2 (1)
1d9d7a6e= Bullseye!
1dbbb7a7= We Are Under Attack (Pilot)
1e40fc9a= Engaging Enemy (Pilot)
1e87ac0e= Taking Fire (Pilot)
1eba2f72= Group 5 (3)
1ecd0d88= Enemy Forsighted On The Horizon
1f0f4095= All Stations, Requesting Fire On The Designated Target
1f33d7be= Group 4 (1)
1f421e00= Procced To That Area
1f49fec9= Group 6 (1)
1f4cc89c= Fighter, Returning To Ship (Pilot)
2024d347= We've Sunk An Allied Aircraft Carrier
207902c4= That Was A Great Battle
20808485= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
208a2726= Maintaining Present Course (Pilot)
209eb005= Approaching Target (Pilot)
20e49d1d= Awaiting Instructions
21074b04= Group 2 (2)
213242c1= Torpedoes, Dead Ahead
21fff7af= Capture That Area
22876901= Spotter Destroyed (Pilot)
22969681= I Need Help, Urgently
229a3a81= Target Destroyed (Pilot) (1)
22d40112= Concentrate Fire On The Enemy Warship
235d6f5a= Target Destroyed (Pilot) (2)
23e1cdb4= Requesting Fire Support
242e00c5= Airborne (Pilot) (2)
2482b456= Returning To Ship (Pilot)
24ab4563= All Stations, Concentrate Fire On The Target
24dfd901= Group 7 (1)
2575e24a= All Stations, Reporting The Position Of A Strategic Target
25779b02= Torpedoes To Starboard
25815cb1= Group 1 (2)
2583f87d= Concentrate Fire On The Designated Target
25be3c70= Group 9 (2)
25c4fbf8= Group 2 (3)
25f6e935= Procced To The Base
262718ed= What~ Beep
262a01f3= Ready (Pilot)
263caee7= The Enemy Team Has Taken The Lead
26aefcff= By Thunder
26ba7654= Taking Fire
26ec380d= We've Sunk An Enemy Aircraft Carrier
26fe6937= Hang In There, Help Is ON The Way
273a0653= Destroyed (Pilot)
274c84e2= Good Game, Everyone
275a5504= Set A Course For The Base
275bd39a= Breakthrough To The Base
27faf71b= All Forces, Capture That Area
28196bb0= Destination Reached
28a03b8f= Group 1 (3)
28dad42b= Group 6 (2)
2972cf24= *GAME AMBIENCE*
29d8026a= Auto-Pilot Mode Disabled
29f625be= Group 8 (3)
2a33dc7b= Destroyed (Pilot)
2a690648= All Forces, Capture The Base
2a93d975= Enemy Destroyer Sighted (Pilot)
2ac2bcfe= Enemy Cruiser Sunk
2ae3b3ef= Airborne (Pilot) (1)
2b511c87= Good Luck Everyone
2c2cb2cc= Spotter Returning To Ship (Pilot)
2c56e72f= Attention, All Forces Defend The Base
2cc60703= Enemy Aircraft Carrier Sighted (Pilot)
2d43612a= Confirmed Penetration
2dc3a2d7= Group 6 (3)
2e08730b= Support The Allied Target
2e4d47f7= We've Sunk An Allied Battleship
2e79d1c5= Enemy Aircraft Carrier Blown Up
2eb93162= Son Of A~ Beep
2ed23b0d= Group 5 (2)
2ed474af= All Stations, Protect That Target
2ef7c502= All Stations, Requesting Fire On The Designated Target
2efd968a= I Owe Ya One
2f28c7c5= Concentrate Fire On The Designated Target
2f427479= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
2f8ea597= The Enemy Is About To Win
2fa9e31d= Set A Course For That Area
3038978c= Ready For Takeoff (Pilot)
30406bbe= Auto-Pilot Mode Enabled
3052d96c= Group 3 (3)
306e3cd8= Enemy Cruiser Sighted
307026f1= Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
308b1b97= *GAME AMBIENCE*
312a1de2= Reporting The Position Of A Priority Target
31320324= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
3132470b= Returning (Pilot)
31836c73= Our Team Has Taken The Lead
33c91c20= We've Blown Up An Allied Destroyer
33e632dc= Target Destroyed (Pilot)
34067060= Awaiting Instructions (Pilot)
3463515c= Roger, Procceding To Assist You
348cff70= Our Victory is In Sight
34e7f4e2= *SIREN NOISE*
34f12be9= It's A Go
353354da= Group 8 (2)
35380d45= Awaiting Instructions (Pilot)
355c7157= All Stations, Defend The Base
35638a35= Torpedoes To Port
358e2881= *SIREN NOISE 2*
35a804c3= We've Destroyed An Allied Cruiser
35c16989= Ready For Takeoff (Pilot)
35e53096= Stone The Crows
360cdc94= Off To A Great Start
368e1c33= Enemy Destroyer Founderd
372803a2= Group 3 (2)
37af9a26= Enemy Severely Damaged
37cdc0b6= I Need Fire Support
387b6c4a= Waypoint Reached
38a3a6ab= Standing By For Instructions, Over (Pilot)
38ff6e8f= Approaching Target (Pilot)
3a028aac= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
3a6016dd= Enemy Aircraft Carrier Detected (Pilot)
3b05aefb= Enemy Aircraft Carrier Sunk
3b1f1302= Maintaining Present Course
3b328c73= All Stations, Reporting The Position Of A Strategic Target
3b45f6d9= Torpedoes To Port
3b4e6a94= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
3b527fe1= Enemy Battleship Founderd
3bb1587f= Engaging Enemy (Pilot)
3c536a3f= Ready (Pilot) (1)
3ce3193c= Group 8 (1)
3ce7571c= All Forces Procced To The Base
3cf94f05= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
3e2f39f3= Group 9 (1)
3e42c579= All Forces, Procced To That Area
3e98e64e= Approaching Target (Pilot)
3ebcd1c7= Sorry, I Have To Refuse
3f35e08a= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
3f375ea8= *GAME MATCH NOISE*
3f9d0d80= Destroyed (Pilot)
3fcfee10= All Forces, Requesting Assistance
3fd84d11= Torpedoes, Direct Front

Those with the (Pilot) tag are lines said by aircraft. Also, an added note. When editing the "Group *#*" lines, be sure to test them in-game, as they are sometimes repeated twice when the unit is selected. Example. If I were to replace all 3 of the 'Group 6' lines with my own. Then when selecting the unit, one line would be played, with the second one being played straight after the first. I think it is something to do with the random file gen inside the games code. But then again, it shouldn't really happen if I were to replace them with the originals.

I'm going through more sound files as we speak. And will add the translated lists as I uncover them. Just thought I'd save a few people some hour's worth of time flicking through the .wav files and seeing which one matches what line.

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101 posts
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I have a question regarding the sound file WOWS_MU. Not sure when these sounds are played, and nor do I know what to name them. Anybody got some info?

From what I can tell, these sound like music files/music lines. And I do believe I've heard a few before when getting unlocks and what-not.

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