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Just Passing BB ,Looking For Answers :)

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Hi Guys

Just a Newbie On Forum ,I Want To Ask

I Just Read On The WoW Page Q&A


Q: I think that the Survivability Expert skill is only suited for destroyers and useless for other ship types. Is this true?

A: Not exactly. The bonus will certainly be most noticeable for destroyers and some cruisers, but there is one important thing. Extra hit points are not added evenly to the entire ship, only to the "virtual" part of the hull that gets the most damage caused by fire and flooding. It is this damage that can be fully repaired with the Repair Party consumable. So you can experiment with battleships as well.


Well i Was Thinking To Get The SE For My [VII] BB USN, 

And As u Can See Im Confuse, In My Understanding; SE Also Take Effect [+400Hp] Once You Use Ur [Repair Party]?

Or Im Just Not Good On Understanding?,, Just Wanna To Know SInce,, I Was Choosing On Both AFT Or SE,, 

I really Apologize Since Im Not Quite Good On Understanding About The Skills ;w;


Also Thanks In Advance For Reply , o/



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Since no one is giving you answer i'll give you what I think.




It's not really important and Survivability expert seems to be only usefull for low HP high tier ships, namely destroyers. 4k HP in a yamato is useless compared to getting a +60% accuracy on your secondaries.

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Ship got few section like bow, superstructure, citadel, aft, mid section


maybe what wg mean

those 4k Extra HP were splited around those parts (except citadel based on what they say)


it doesn matter though. 4 skill point is rather huge to invest in HP for battleship.

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I See,,,  

Thanks Everyone For Your Answers!

Really Appreciated :>


Welp Now Time To Boost AA Then ^,^


With AA perk > You might be able to fight back against the planes

With SE > You might be able to last longer before you die against the planes :trollface:

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