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High Hardware Usage Issue when minimize the game (after 0.5.3)

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Issue:   High Hardware Usage when minimize the game (after 0.5.3) (especially GPU)

Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/SgJiADG.png
Ship: Any
Map: Any (in battle, in port, even in profile tab/tech tree tab) [with the only exception is loading screen:probably]
Occurrences:  Every time
Tested: Always occured
Severity: Doesnt impact when playing. but the impact for other program is huge
Details: it happen after 0.5.3 updates. When the game is minimized to taskbar(tray or whatever its called) the usage of the hardware (Especially GPU/VGA) is huge (note that 99% GPU/VGA activity in the screenshoot). it just like the game is always opened in full screen (even tough the game is minimized). even after waiting for several minutes (stay minimized in several minutes) the hardware usage is not going down


this doesn't happen in or even before that. something must be happened in the 0.5.3 patch


the effect for the gameplay is self is minimum. but the impact for other program is huge. i can't watch movie, or editing picture in photoshop since its become very laggy.


before 0.5.3 i can just minimize the game and hardware (CPU and GPU) usage will go down [become idle] after few seconds and i can do what i need to do when the game is minimized (editing in photoshop for example)

now even the game is minimized. the GPU fan is still roaring, the GPU temp is still high. the GPU activity is always full. it's like i am always in the middle of the battle. now, if i want to watch movie or editing in photoshop (or using any program that need GPU power) i need to close the game client.

addition note : in iddle my GPU temp is around 32 deg celcius with around 21% fan speed. but if the game opened (maximized or minimized) it will become like in the picture.


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me too when ever i click battle then im in the que for battle the loading screen doesnt show

i only see circle loading thingy from the que for battle

and when battle starts i only get 1 to 5 fps

holy shi*?

this bug really needs to be fixed immediately or im getting pissed of for a long time

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