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Anshan tier 4 captain perk

Anshan perks .5.3  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Tier 4

    • Survivability expert
    • AFT
    • Pyro (state reason in reply)
  2. 2. Tier 5

    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Concealment Expert
    • None
  3. 3. Tier 2: Both last stand and expert marksman?

    • Yes
    • Expert marksman only
    • Last stand only

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As above, do state your reasons because i'm curious to know 

As well as making a non-rant thread to help people out with these low sample size polls

Idk how to edit thread name so yolo 

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T4: Pyro because fire damage are % of HP which means more chance to deal fire = more damage (also to compensate its bad HE damage) i find its fire chance to be quite decent

T5: Concealment, drops it's detection to 6.3 km(?), less likely to be permaspotted

T2: Last Stand, i find more useful than EM since the turret traverse speed can be compensated with MBM2


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CQC set up

Survivability expert - More HP  > survivability

Expert marksman - Can turn ship better

Last stand - Prevent double Engine rekt by RNG as you get hit more often.

-below optional-

Concealment Expert - captain obvious

Torp armament Expert - why not spam more torps when you have spare skill points.



Shell Rain (Cow Ward-ish) set up





Never try invisible fire in this. It is possible but not practical.



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I would like advanced firing training, but since Soviet (and chinese) camo is bad anyways, I'd got for more damage via pryo


Last stand, Expert Marksmen and Torpedo reload are all useful, but the first two are more important, with emphasis on expert marksmen since its guns are more important.

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