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Max Damage and Hit Box

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So, we all know how to deal max damage with AP shell, we hit the CITADEL of the ship.

where is that citadel? roughly under the funnel of every ship.


how can we do max damage using HE shell? same answer, we hit the citadel.

can HE shell hit the citadel? of course, even 127mm gun HE can penetrate into citadel, but it limited to some ship, not all ship citadel can be penetrated with HE. tier 4 5 and 6 CV that still considered as Light Carrier can be penetrated with HE


next is torpedo. how can we do max damage with torpedo. where spot we should hit?

im not pretty sure about this, but i think we can do maximum damage with torpedo if the torpedo hit middle of the hull from the sides. if not max damage, at least it do some heavy damage.


now, how about dropped bomb? new patch USN CV got very massive bomb buff. up to 10800 damage can be dealt to enemy.

10800 damage per bomb. now the problem is, where we should aim? how we should use the new bomb that have so much potential damage. 10800 damage per bomb is no joke at all.


please kindly response in my question dear tester, moderator, or even WG staff.



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so, in other word. there is no way inflicting bomb maximum damage

or i conclude the explanation wrong?


Unless there's a way for the bomb to hit the citadel it would be (and most likely is) impossible to deal max damage. So each penetrating bomb hit will only deal 33% damage (or half of that, depending on how much damage the section it hits has already sustained).

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