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My own experience: Do not ever get AFT on Nukeberg!

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If your target dodges at that range you'll probably miss.  This isn't really a revelation.  It is pretty easy however to hit a target at that range that isn't dodging, and it gives you the option to do so.  Up to you whether you prefer that option over the alternative level 4 captain skills.

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19.8km range...but 16 sec shell time....sub orbital shell.....even bb can dodge it...

attached picture as example...



Just because you can fire at that range, does not mean you have to fire.


If you miss, which you probably will, all you're doing is revealing yourself to the enemy

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I was holding off my 4 skill points on the Nurnberg till 0.5.3 comes through instead of getting AFT on it straight away,but after reading this thread yesterday thought what the heck and put it on anyway.


LOTS of fun!I found it not to bad hitting ships out to 19kmonce I worked out the lead ,and of course helps that most people don't zig zag.


And was cool taking shots at Kongo's and Fuso's past 17km plus,they are the ones that have been responsible for most of my sinkings lately.


Also no comparison to the Cleveland ( which I suck at!),even stock range its hard to hit at 14.5km,let alone 17.5km,but the Nurnberg can hit well all the way out.



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