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Anshan at a first glance + Plan

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Got in a couple of games in the Anshan, and thought I'd put some first impressions in.


There are some noticeable points that immediately shine as I played it.

1) This thing is fast, at 38 knots. Has helped me escape many dangerous situations, and pushed caps before enemy DDs.


2) Long range torpedoes has allowed me to score some kills on German CLs and Slow BBs.


3) Fast firing turrets negate the low fire chance, allowing for some free fire damage on enemy ships


4) Guns in single turrets means that they are smaller, and getting a single one blown up loses you only 25% of your firepower. SEE: Ognevoi


However, there are some flaws, namely one or two very glaring ones that hinder the Anshan greatly.

1) Turning radius of 610

- this is the #1 flaw of the Anshan (even though it is the same as the Gnevny), as it finds itself difficult to steer between torpedoes during a knife-fight.

It has also increased my turning time massively, meaning that when I u-turn back to battle there is quite a distance I need to cover to catch up again. I also run into islands very frequently.


2) 7km detection

- at this tier, until you get tier 5 concealment skill, you're very likely to face Mutsuki + Minekaze + Kamikaze R + Nicholas or even the LO YANG. They are likely to get the alpha strike off, or allow their escort cruisers to do so without themselves being detected.


3) Mediocre AA

- Even as a destroyer, gunboats absolutely NEED a decent amount of AA to get rid of bomber planes. There seems to be a new trend where CVs are prioritizing the destruction of enemy DDs, mainly via dive bomb drops. If you can't shoot down a bomber or two you're going to get mauled pretty bad, as well as lose a lot of health and modules (remember, the guns are pretty fragile). Team battles are coming up too, so prepare yourself.


4) Trash HE Damage

- Owing to the recent nerfs, the Anshan is no exception.


5) Torpedoes are similar to Mutsuki torpedoes

- In terms of actual performance, YES they are very similar. And anyone who has sailed more than 50 games in a Mutsuki (or the Hatsuharu) will know the pain.


Modules and Upgrades used


8km ones. Definitely. They are a sidegrade, allow you to stealth torp, and do not cost anything.



Main Battery Mod 1:

Mitigates detonation and turret incapacitation. Self explanatory.

Main Battery Mod 2:

Increases reload time, decreases turret traverse time. With this and the Expert Marksman you get 19 seconds train, which is Ognevoi level.

Prop Mod 1:

Engine gets knocked out VERY frequently by every single shell in the game, so get this.

Prop Mod2:

Acceleration is important on a ship which has a huge turning radius for a destroyer. Its rudder shift of 4.4 excellent, and does not need an improvement. With PM2, you regain speed much faster.



Tier 1: Sit. Awareness.

Self explanatory.


Tier 2: Expert Marksman.

Torpedo skill is an option too, but I prefer engaging fast targets at closer distances.


Tier 3: Superintendent

More smokes = more chances to annoy the living hell out of everything with invis-fire.

Vigilance is an alternate option, and a very viable one at that (due to large turning radius)


Tier 4: AFT

No excuses whatsoever. True potential of Russian-based DDs is unlocked with this skill, and will carry on into the next patch. This extends the firing range to around 14km. 

If you want Last Stand take it after you take this.


Tier 5: Concealment


Tier 4: Last Stand + Tier 1 BFT

There isn't really any other good option deviating from this build. You either get 6.3km detection (which gives you a ~1.6km window for torping) or you become real nasty in knife fights by giving enemies who knocked out your engine a middle finger to the face.



A strong contender for its tier. However, it is highly dependant on captain skills to maximise its potential. In addition to that, you NEED to have a very sharp awareness in this ship - turning in this ship will give a full broadside to enemy targets for a long duration and allow them to get off easy shots on your vital points. Steering is a big issue, but if you're good at this you're going to be able to maul nearly every other ship in the destroyer class. In addition to that, once AFT is open, you are able to play as a harasser, raining super-accurate HE and AP on enemy BBs and CAs. Play to its strengths, and plan your turns, for this ship is worth every single cent as a premium.


There, I wrote a mini analysis on the Russian DD tree in general. Have fun.

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