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A question regarding captain skill reset for 0.5.3

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To minimize any negative effect from these changes, we will drop the skills for all Commanders for free. We hope that you will bear with these changes as they’re aimed at improving game balance and more diverse training for Commanders.


Judging by this statement if it in fact happens it's for all captains if you desire to do so. However, what is unclear is whether it is only for captains with the advanced firing training or for every captain which would allow you to modify others where perhaps you have made mistakes in the selection of skills.


Edit. Also the adjustment of the last stand skill from 4 skill points to 2 must be taken into consideration.


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When World of Tanks added new skills and perks the last time it was revamped, they gave all crews a free refund of their skill points. It's probably safe to assume that when new skills are added, you get a free reset.


It also means that WG will often painstakingly fine-tune it until they are sure that they won't be changing it for a long time, so just be patient.

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