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Battle of Ormoc Bay

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There are times noticeable engagements were something but most of which did not let the workhorse of the navy, the destroyer, have their times to shine but if they did, its rather sad that they aren't that fervently remember like a cruiser or a capital ship did. I believe the old salt dogs in this forum also served on the workhorses of the navies. One of few runs was during the Battle of Ormoc Bay and this was going on while the ground forces were already moving in Leyte and slowly to Ormoc city.


I present to you the Battle of Ormoc Bay



Well, there's actually nothing on Ormoc Bay save the salty sea, what looks like an endless horizon of nothing but water and clouds, and you can get a good solid look of the bay up on a high building or a beach resort in the city of Ormoc. The area shouldn't be anything else but just a city on the map... if not for those gritty Japanese forces digging in and the fact that the US forces going deep in the jungle had the geography give them middle fingers in the land (my homeland's jungle is virtually a typical jungle in APAC: if you're not that careful, the jungle will eat you alive) and that sadistic bitch called Mother Nature always testing her typhoon creations by slamming it to our tiny archipelago to the point we'd probably be called the Storm Capital of Asia Pacific storms not really being friendly as ever and by no means had that gracious entity of all nature is involved but due to our position with the east being the big-ass Pacific Ocean. Ormoc and the surrounding areas of Leyte were of loads of jungle and the only way to bulwark or reinforce em was by barge and this was more problematic to the Japanese due to... well... the Leyte Gulf brawl technically ending when the slugfest at Cape Engaño had their surface fleet severely harmed but could still present a contesting in the air despite the event over the Philippine sea months prior and the Japanese High Command in the Philippines thought the Leyte forces suffered a buck of casualties and wanted to give them a hard whacking by committing reinforcements to Leyte via Ormoc Bay. The Americans first thought they were falling back but after hearing that more troops arrived in the city, they decided to send destroyers to skulk around and whack the reinforcing convoys to high hell.




These things also had their baptism of fire during the Ormoc Bay slugfest because why not? The Benson Laffey after shakedown was sent to the front so I see no reason these new ships shouldn't. These destroyers, the new Allen M. Sumner class which are, by all intents and purposes "super Fletchers" that were to be thrown into the ocean grinder and I'm too lazy making a badpost about them. Oh and the second Laffey, the one that earned the moniker "the ship that would not die", is one of her sisters and the current example of an Allen M Sumner.


This is one strange case of "tower defense".


TA-1 and TA-2 successfully made their runs, but that wasn't the case for the future convoy runs when the US were now hellbent to interdict them, first by plane spam and next by both destroyer stalking and plane spam combined.



You aint' goin' anywhere with them landing barges ya repurposed destroyer


TA-3 and TA-4 running from Manila were split a day apart with the Japanese trying to maximize everything by sending the first convoy run with the escorts and the second on the next day so that the destroyers would double back and escort the second convoy before running back to home base... although they were seen eventually and were hailed so hard because the US Air Force excelled being anti-surface scumbags were sent there to interdict and gave them hell thrice over. Shimakaze, an Akizuki AA destroyer, some Yuugumos and a couple of transports went down under after a dedicated air wing strike. Oh and TA-3 was harassed in the night by PT boats. TA-5 was a munitions run and were camping somewhere to to wait until nightfall to unload their cargo. They too were seen and had planes blowing up five of the ships from another dedicated air wing strike.


As the bad weather came in which made aerial interdiction less effective, it was then they started sending destroyers stalking the surface off Leyte with one strange encounter had a Fletcher destroyer USS Waller (DD-466) fry a Japanese sub that failed to dive by blasting her until she went under and decimated TA-6 with the assistance of PT boats again harassing the convoy. TA-7 had the run of the mill as it comprised of a slightly bigger detail and had active destroyers with them as well as transport subs from the Army and by far the most insane brawl in the mix as shellfire from ship and shore, aerial assaults, torpedoes, mines and have what you in a naval skirmish was thrown into the fray because crunch time is crunch time. A US destroyer group appeared, blasted the transports docked and unloading, then got blasted themselves by level bombers, the two Matsu destroyers engaging and several batteries from shore unloading at them in the chaos. USS Cooper (DD-695) got torpedoed by Take which also was heavily whacked herself yet still barely managed to head back, both Allen M Sumner (DD-692) and Moale (DD-693), which had their numerous damages, were ordered to back off but the Japanese and Kuwa was burning after the intense gunfight. When the US began their amphibious landing on Ormoc, TA-8 was prepared with a load of men and supplies to reinforce the troops at Leyte but had to offload their cargoes and troop further north as the air strike of Corsairs decimated them, but the amphibious force on Ormoc weren't unscathed as well as USS Mahan (DD-364), lead ship of her class and USS Ward (DD-139) of the older Wickes class were hit by kamikaze strikes (interestingly, the kamikaze strikes on the Samar-Leyte AO were sometimes called "The Divine Winds of Leyte"). TA-9 would be the last run and it was already a do-or-die mission... sadly, it was all 'die' as too were intercepted by aircraft and some PT boats and smashed all transports including the destroyers escorting them, Uzuki being torpedoed by a PT boat, Yuzuki getting hailed by aircraft and Kiri got the living daylights whacked out of her.


One interesting supply interdiction this was and it had a profound impact on securing Leyte because this area would be the springboard for US forces to start land jumping because a long overdue eviction notice was already in play for the garrison force there.


Capital ships? Scratch that, the workhorses are the true unsung heroes!



The Kraken OST actually fits, especially during the TA-7 interdiction.


Derp.exe is over.

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Nice one Evyl! Perhaps some more noteworthy DD actions could include:


  • The sinking of HMS Glorious - one only two carriers sunk by surface action by German Battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, while the sinking was an absolute lopsided victory for the Germans, the escorting destroyer HMS Acasta managed to put a torpedo into the Scharnhorst before being herself sunk, giving the Germans at least a bloody nose.
  • D - Day landings, when the US troops were under heavy fire at Omaha Beach, the Royal Navy DD's there realised the situation they came so close to shore to support with gunfire that they themselves got hit by rifle fire.
  • Battle of Vella Gulf - Night action in 1943 where 6 USN Destroyers attacked a force of 4 IJN DD's and sank 3 of them by torpedo, the 4th escaped from a dud torpedo lol. First time US DD's were given freedom of movement as independent attack units and managed to successfully stop troops from being unloaded

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onii-chan i lived here once and it says that shimakaze got rekt somewhere near ponson island right?

and many fishermens and divers said that a small bouy was planted on that site and they said that shimakaze got buried and her bow is the only part that can be only seen

good historic thread evil big bro

anyway... that destroyer at the top aint goin nowhere

hope WG add those bombers ingame

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