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Anti Aircraft Guns need Revamp

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I think there quite a Few similiar suggestion, there should be more reward in destroying aircraft. 


but thats what not I wanna make point here. The AA in this game were underwhelming. 

I mean the animation were lame. There is no Intense feeling that the fight also involve the pesky torp bomber in the skies. 



Case point :

1. Single Pathetic Tracer, which sound like kitten pur "brrtt.... brrttt...".

2. It come from amidships which strange by itself.

3.  Not enough Flak. need more Flak


I get it, the AA system in this game were like Aura. since its imposible to animate all the bristling guns without puting client hardware or gameserver into strain.

so its cosmetic and eyecandy.

still its so undewhelming. 



1. More Flak. Need more intense Flak.  Why ?

    - Carrier Player, can know that ship is bad deal visualy not just by knowing that atlanta have high AA rating or something

    - Visually appealing, Escorting Ship become more enjoyable when you see your ship actualy spit bullet into skies

    - Preferebly lot more Denser Tracer and Flak when Using AA consumables

    - More Fun

2. More Tracer.

    Serriusly, a single tracer ? from Cruiser with dozens of AA guns. its lame. I know surface warfare is the main focus here. but when your ship also look desperetly fight horde of Bomber, while dodging enemy      Shells and torpedoes, It makes you say OMG OMG OMG in the inside

   - Need More Denser AA Tracer obviusly, prefferably comming from Varius AA mount accros the ships. It doesnt need to coming from fully animated turret

   - Change the AA gun sound

   - Change the Tracer so it would not not like straight line. so it appears coming from real AA Gun

3. Secondary Dual Purpose Turret - need to be animated so it fire at aircraft too, even if the function is  just an eyecandy

    Its already fully animated as Surface weapon why not make it shoot Aircraft when no surface target arround, Lots of Secondary gun in varius ship also function as AA gun IRL




Visual is also important lads, so need more Flak tq

, thx for reading



other suggestion :

- Enable renaming your Captain



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1,116 posts
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turn on animate small objects - the level of detail is dependant on your graphics settings


animate small object dont solve the problem above. its diffrent matter actualy


I know the secondary weapon firing represent by Flak. the prob were

1. Not enough Flak

2. There is no animation that the secondary weapon is firing (to aircraft)




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