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How to earn massive XP! ;)

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1. Grab a fast DD and cap like mad! 


2. Grab a fast gunboat DD and DEFEND a cap against multiple enemies! 

Stay outside the cap circle to earn green defence flags which will give you lots of extra XP! ;)


1st game:  4 + a half x cap =  3.1k  base XP - gg ;)


2nd game:  33 x defence, 1x cap, 3 x kill, 3.8k base XP - gg ;) 



In the 2nd part of the video I defend Cap B against 2 Kievs, 3 Clevelands (!) and 1 Atago by using OFFENSIVE smoke.


I stop my Sims close to the enemy, pop smoke, move slowly forwards- and backwards inside the smoke and pepper enemy targets which are spotted by my team.


At one point in the game there are 3 Clevelands inside that cap zone, I switch targets and hit one after the other to prevent them from capping, earning 33x defense flag for the action. ;)




some more nice examples:




some more of my videos:  http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/12179-trigger-happy-dads-wows-videos/page__p__167476#entry167476




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