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[Major Bug] FPS will drop to 5-10 FPS and won't return until dead or battle ends.

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Issue: Game will drop FPS to 5-10 FPS until you die or battle ends.

Replay: Watch the replay here, FPS starts to drop around 17:00-18:00 mark on the battle timer and will stay that way until the battle ends.
Ship: ARP Kongou (but have it had it happen to me in other ships )
Map: Strait, but have had this happen on New Dawn as well.
Occurrences:  Rarely
Tested: Unable to reproduce error on demand during battle but have had this happen to me twice in battle. This bug is however able to be reproduced in a replay file of which you can see by watching the replay file I included. 
Severity: Major bug when encountered usually log off to the day after that, bug goes away after the battle ends but playing at 5-10 fps during the battle is not fun.
Details:  Looked in the python.log and this error shows up, I believe this is what causes the FPS to drop to 5-10 FPS.

[2016_02_05 13:00:49] [scaleform] Error: Missing "$ZurichCondensed" glyph '    ' (0x4e09) in ".root1.instance6888.window_Battle.combatLog.combatLog.chat.txa_output.itemContainer.instance6920.textField".

Font has 751 glyphs, ranges 0x20-0x7e, 0xa0-0x17e, 0x180-0x1bf, 0x1cd-0x1d6, 0x1de-0x1e3 (truncated).
Search log: 
   Searching for font: "$ZurichCondensed" 
      Movie resource: "$ZurichCondensed"  not found.
      Imports       : "$ZurichCondensed"  not found.
      Exported      : "$ZurichCondensed"  not found.
      Registered fonts: "$ZurichCondensed" not found.
      Applying FontMap: "$ZurichCondensed"  mapped to "WarHeliosCondC"
      Searching FontLib: "WarHeliosCondC"  found.


Running mods or stock doesnt affect it. I had Gungun test for me and he also encountered the same fps dropping bug without any mods installed on a stock client.

Python.log during battle here, Starts at 10:50:05 (had some previous games before the bug happened) Line 93092 - note: HUGE python.log also a few mods and ship skins.

Gungun's python.log during replay: Here. Stock no mods.


EDIT: so sorry I linked the same Python.log twice. please see the bigger python.log now

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I have had that happen twice exactly what you describe and others in the game experienced same thing as we were talking about it in chat.

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Agreed, playing at 1-10 fps is not a good game, it messes your gameplay. Hopefully they will give us an answer besides SG connection hub....

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Yes. I get the issue reasonably often, I also have issues with unstable FPS. I start with upwards of 60FPS and can end with around 3-10FPS.

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