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Take fighter capability (squadron no. + power) into account for MM

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Yeah yeah, I know. I'm up to the same old salt again, aren't I?


Anyways, it's been bugging me for quite a while about how the matchmaker can allow for 2 fighter CVs against 2 non-fighter CVs in a match. I've gotten past the whole 2/0/1 Bogue thing for the most part, but a 24 US fighter curbstomp is not fun.




Assume that we have a Tier 6 match, and it's one Tier 5 and one Tier 6 CV on each team.

Team A gets a Zuihou and a Ryujo.

Team B gets a Bogue and an Independence.


Now imagine that the Ryujo is running the strike loadout, while the Bogue and Indy are both using fighter loadouts. What ensues is a doubtless aerial curbstomp as 24 fighters overwhelm the 8 (16 if RJ is on fighter loadout) fighters on the IJN side.

I admit there's probably quite a lot of personal bias in this; the last game I played today was the above scenario. The enemy CVs wiped out our fighters despite us doing everything in the book (strafing, avoiding, using friendly T6 CA AA). Then they hovered over our carriers and camped them for the rest of the match.


As such I would like to suggest that the matchmaker be tweaked to take into account the total fighter power of the CVs on each team. While fighter loadout versus strike 1v1 is fair enough, 2v2 curbstomps are not.

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