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What the hell is going on ?

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I meant computerised games and you know it.


I interpret what people write. If you say "all games" then I will comment on that. If you meant something other than "all games" then it's not my fault you didn't say so.


Saying exactly what you mean, and ensuring that what you write can't be interpreted as anything other than that, is a very good discipline to acquire and will prove useful in all sorts of ways.


I'm not saying that to be a [redacted], I genuinely mean it. The amount of time I've wasted over the years at work because people leave all sorts of things out of what they write, or write ambiguously, is depressing. Equally, people's habits of making things up that aren't in things I've written because they DON'T read as carefully or as critically as I write has also caused me to waste a lot of time correcting misunderstandings/errors that arise because they can't read literally without adding stuff in their minds.


Some young graduates once asked me to assess their resumes. I think they found it something of a shock just how much rubbish they'd put in them that could cause them problems. As an example, the "I value integrity highly" comment that caused me to say "I'm not so interested in how highly you value integrity, I'm interested in whether you have any. Which might lead me to ask you a question along the lines of "you've said you value integrity highly; can you give me an example of where you've demonstrated integrity at personal cost?"". My point to them was if they were going to raise it as a topic they'd best be ready to answer a question on it. If they can't back up their claims, or they make claims that are largely worthless, they shouldn't make them. Focus on telling me things relevant to the role you're after, and make sure you can speak to all of them.


All good fun.


p.s. yes I was somewhat trolling you, but I meant it without malice.

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