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Speed mod would solve quite a few gripes

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I've noted a lot of players posting about the tactics being used at higher levels. Some gripe about DDs that pop out from behind an island and spam torps invisibly. Others bemoan the fact that high level BB players simply move to a position, point their bow towards the enemy, and using only their front guns sit there still (Because CVs have been hit so hard that the threat from not moving is reduced). To my mind, by all means use the tactics that work. BUT,

It doesn't come across as remotely real....


How about something as simple as a MINIMUM forward speed? Five - ten knots maybe?

After all, a ship in WW1-2 combat going into reverse? Or sitting still?

Make touching the blue line AND hitting land damaging. So player can't just wedge themselves in a non-moving spot. So at all times you have to be manoeuvring your ship. Sail around in circles if you have to, but no stopping. Also, as far as the BBs and citadel hits go, why go with the "Its got more armour front on" thing anyway. Once again, it steals realism. Battleships formed lines and crossed the enemies T. Make it no harder to pen from front than side. Easy fix. Instant change to a more fluid style of play, no silly sitting...

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Of course you need reverse, because  That is how a ship slows down.

If your ship is moving forward and you have to suddenly slow down for whatever reason, you put engine in reverse.

Players who stay still soon learn that that tactic leads to their own death, quickly. (or one would hope they learn....)



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