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Change the voice?

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Hi, I have been a long time not playing any WG's games. So...just want to ask:

In beta, all the stuff are in English which is fine.

Now, my client is install as Chinese, and the voice is Putonghua. But I prefer the English one....

How can I set Chinese interface with English voice ingame? Thank you.

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Pretty easy to do I'll try to explain the best I can.

First set your client to english at the launcher and wait for it to download the localization update then set it back to chinese and close the launcher. 

Now you want to navigate to res\audio\High\en or res\audio\Low\en (depending on your ingame setting for voice quality I have mine set to High so I will use that as an example) 

Now you want to copy the 3 files in res\audio\High\en and overwrite the files at res\audio\High\zh_tw and your done.


Once you overwrite those 3 files your nation voicepack will change to whatever voicepack you pasted in that folder based off what language your launcher is running in, also one ore thing I should add on, you need to do this every patch because sometimes new lines are added etc.

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