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GET REKT BY FISHES! (Not the torpedoes)

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So I was in this battle, hunting for cruisers for the ARP Kongo mission. Then suddenly, I looked at the number of enemies left. I was like oh shit, there be 2 more teammates and 6 more enemies. So I turned into a blobfish and sat on them promptly rekt them. I was in my cleveland and I loaded AP after killing a DD with HE. By twisting and turning I managed to survive killing one more cruiser, however, this guy reduced me from nearly full health to just 10k health. Next came this [content removed] cruiser, he decided to run along me at 5km and started spamming HE, I just fired AP at him and adjusted until I was getting all 12 hits on his citadel area. Now, it was a battle of 3 on 3, I capped another circle so we got 2/3 of the cap areas, and then I begun to raining AP onto the Battleship at the edge of my firing range. The match progressed without any other interesting stuff for me.

Battle results attached



General insults. Post edited. Warning issued.




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