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by TK and unproper talking. i have been reported.

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today afternoon, on the stage i have killed my ally battleship and CV.








first battleship on the base blocked my way about 40~50 second so i killed him.

with my some unproper talkings. for example

"cry! cry louder!!! [Content removed] then[Content removed]!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

the battleship answered some curse, anyway then ally CV started lash out about my TK.

SO i killed that CV again. the cv mentioned about my [Content removed] talking and reporting TK.


okay okay, my talks was quiet cool. but my [Content removed] talking means my destoryer torpedo waves.

IT WAS NOT MEANS OF REAL [Content removed]!!!!

ya guys know about blcking base to harsh. sometimes i really really burst up each stages.


so, this is my story.


they said ill be suspended until one or two year. because of my rape talking and TK.


is it true?


I wnat ya guys's opinion.


Insults or derogatory comments. Post edited, User sanctioned.







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But why would you kill your teammate just because he's blocking you, ask nicely in the chat next time.

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